UCAS Hogwarts rejection revealed to be a hoax

A Twitter prankster is ‘rejected’ from Hogwarts, despite top marks in waving a stick about

For young uni hopefuls across the country, A-level results day can bring extreme joy or sadness.

Unlucky Twitter user QuantumPirate posted devastating news: his application to Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was rejected.

Hogwarts rejection letter

Rejection: no shaft design with Hermione for you

The picture seems to show a reply from UCAS Chief Exec “Mary Cunnock Cook” turning down the applicant to read “Wandology” at Hogwarts “due to the fact that it does not exist”.

She added: “After consultation with our mystic advisors [sic], we have also determined that even if it did exist, the course ‘Wandology’ would be highly in demand and hence require at least two As and a B in any of the following subjects: Advance Spellcraft, Mystimatics, Defence Against The Dark Arts, History of the Occult, and Shaft Design.”

Mary Curnock Cook, the actual UCAS Exec responded: “Of course it’s genuine – silly muggles. In fact it’s magic…”

QuantumPirate admitted he forged the letter and posted: “If they thats the lamest fake ever they really haven’t done their research, I’ve done plenty lamer than that.”

Is it as lame as applying to Hogwarts, though?