Possibly the sweetest job on campus: Become a Propercorn student ambassador

You’re going to be swimming in boxes of popcorn for the rest of the year.

After a successful first round of recruiting, PROPERCORN are still on the lookout for creative student ambassadors to run campaigns and head up sales in their university.

As one of 60 PAID student ambassadors you’ll get involved with the events you want to be at, gain invaluable experience in marketing and sales, and get to eat some pretty tasty popcorn too.



If you’re someone who know the best places to eat and drink in the city and are always well informed about what’s going on at your university, then you’re perfect for the student ambassador role.


You should:

• Have plenty of confidence
• Leadership skills
• Entrepreneurial drive – you’ll need to come up with new leads and ideas specific to your university
• Be creative – share your ideas and offer suggestions for the growth of the brand
• Know your campus well – you should be either second or third year


Propercorn are looking for friendly, ambitious, confident and energetic students for their student ambassador role.


Not only will you be paid but you’ll receive sought-after rewards through brand partnerships.


You will be in charge of your area, with support from Propercorn HQ, and you’ll have a chance to make a difference in a small team.


As well as being paid for the job, you will also be in the running for any jobs that come up in Propercorn HQ.

If you impress as student ambassador, you could come out of university and already have a job waiting for you!