I sell my used underwear on Twitter

This Leeds student is shipping semen stained boxers to strangers from the internet

Cash-strapped students are known for doing pretty much anything to make a bit of money.

But one Leeds student is taking pocket money to a whole new level – by selling his dirty pants on Twitter.

Sam, pioneer of UsedPantsForSale, is making a killing selling his worn boxers to strangers on the internet – and they can even come loaded with jizz.

The sports scientist, who is half Italian, was sick and tired of guys stealing his sweaty pants from his gym locker.  So he decided to take matters (and his briefs) into his own hands – by selling them on Twitter.

He told The Tab: “I thought I might as well make them pay for it if they’re going to rob them off me.”

Sam, who doesn’t want to reveal his identity because he think his friends and family wouldn’t understand, charges around £25 a pair – and rakes in £450 a year from the bizarre set up.

But Sam admits keeping the secret is not easy, especially when a customer wants stinky briefs. Sam lives in fear that the pungent odour might give him away as he sometimes has to wear his pants for four days.

Does Sam feel empowered? Or is there something fundamentally odd, something morally queasy about cumming in his four day old underwear and sending it to some bloke in the USA?

Sam admits he’s not phased by it. “It doesn’t freak me out at all” he said.

His customers are always after the same thing – sweaty, pissy or jizzy boxers. But Sam reveals he does get some particularly odd requests. “One guy wanted me to shave all my body hair off… I mean everything and send it to him, along with pictures.”

“I didn’t shave all my hair off,” he said, explaining that it would look odd in the gym changing room, a place where being as bald as a dolphin might attract some unwelcome questions and give away his secret identity.

An average pair sells for around £25 and Sam sells around fifteen pairs a year – a decent enough £450, but not an earth-shattering amount.

Sam doesn’t mind though. “I’m a lazy student so I wear my underwear for a few days anyway. Plus selling them means I don’t have to wash them.”

But a quick and very NSFW Google search reveals that selling underwear over the internet to other pervy/randy people is a big deal. A very big deal.

The further you dig the more it seems like everybody is doing it.

The internet is full of confessional articles on Jezebel and Thought Catalog and xojane with titles like “It Happened to Me: I Sold My Panties On Craiglist”.

In Japan they do away with the internet altogether and sell the panties from roadside vending machines (interesting country, Japan).

All these pieces conclude in exactly the same way: people want to buy used pants on the internet, I have used pants, I feel empowered and sexy whilst making money, some weirdo somewhere feels less alone, nobody gets exploited, we all go home for tea and talk about how we fucked the patriarchy today.