Uni blunder tells students they didn’t get in BEFORE results came out

Students receive a ‘sorry you didn’t get your predicted grades’ email just hours before results are announced

Bungling staff at Nottingham Trent University jumped the gun last night by announcing that students hadn’t got their grades the night before they received their results.

The mistake message did not disclose any results but did offer students places on similar courses.

Georgia Noel-Starr was one of the unlucky 30 that received the email. The student from Norfolk was offered a place to study Business rather than her original choice of Business Management due to not getting the entry requirements.


The blunder left Georgia stressed out

She said: “When I got the email I was pretty stressed out and concerned because I didn’t want to settle for another course. I spoke to family and they told me it would be a mistake to accept the new offer.”

Georgia said that after reading that multiple students had received the email she expected the worst for her results.

She is yet to accept the new offer from Trent.

Worried parents contacted Trent to find out what had happened but were said to have been told by staff there that the university had received “quite a few calls” about the emails.

A spokes person for the Trent said: “A small number of emails were unfortunately sent to applicants who have exceeded or slightly missed their required grades. The issue was identified and resolved very quickly.

“The emails, which did not disclose any results, were to offer applicants a place on a similar but alternative course.”

This error came the evening before 300,000 students across the UK anxiously awaited their A-level results.

Trent's business school... fresh out of Soviet Russia

Trent’s business school… fresh out of Soviet Russia

All unis find out students fate a few days before results are officially announced however make a pinky promise not to share this information early. UCAS have said that they have taken this event very seriously and will be following this up as matter of urgency.

Let us know if you received this email. In the meantime, let’s all laugh at Trent…