This new Magaluf sex video is the most disgusting yet

‘British tourists’ in latest Magaluf sex video…

A new explicit video has emerged of a couple having sex in broad daylight in the middle of the street in Magaluf.

The couple romp in the middle of two parked cars while people film them from inside a building while cars drive past.

The man – who wears a blue bandana – also turns to look in the direction of the camera, but continues unperturbed.

magaluf vid 2

The graphic video, posted by Magaluf Vines, lasts less than two minutes and is titled “‘Mamading’ British Tourist Hit It Again In Spain (Magaluf)”.

The video is too disgusting to include on our website, but can be found on YouTube.

The identity of the couple is unknown, despite the title of the video.


After they’ve finished, the video continues to show the clean up operation while he provides her with tissue.

The new explicit video comes just weeks after a girl from Northern Ireland was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men on the dancefloor of a Magaluf club.

Many defended the girl, accusing those who condemned her of slut-shaming. The organiser of the Carnage bar crawl said he was “disgusted” by her actions.

The season is far from finished. How many more public sex videos will emerge?