Does this pic prove The El Divino Four were NOT shagging?

New photo could prove couple were not having sex while official club photographer exclusively sheds new light on story…

A new photo has emerged of The El Divino Four that could prove they are NOT having sex. 


The new photo could undermine claims the couple are having sex

Doubts were raised about claims the original photo showed the two couples having sex in the carpark of El Divino – a popular student haunt ion Belfast.

When the first image went viral, the girls were slammed as “horrendous”, “skets” and “dirty fuckers”.


The original picture went viral – and the girls were unfairly branded as slags…

The photo, which shows two men being straddled by girls in the public carpark, appears to have been taken unawares of the four participants.

The Tab understands that both couples are boyfriend and girlfriend.

National media coverage claimed the two couples were having sex, but the new photo shows The El Divino Four are all fully clothed. Metro, The Mirror and Buzzfeed all said the couple were shagging.


The new image shows the girls might be fully clothed…

We spoke to a club photographer who works closely with El Divino and witnessed the event first hand.


Speaking to The Tab, the photographer, who prefers to remain anonymous, said: “I was finishing work at around 2am that night, and saw the girls at the side of the club and they looked absolutely off their faces.

“Two guys were sitting with the girls on top of them. They were just bent over and kissing but obviously they were so drunk that they didn’t realise that their skirts were up their asses.

“They were both off their faces. I was like ‘This is funny’ and watched for a minute until an older woman – maybe one of the girls’ mothers or bigger sisters or something – came over and started shouting at them.


“She was saying ‘Get up you’re making absolute fools of yourselves people are laughing at you and taking pictures’.

“The girls got up to go home with them and were still steaming and falling all over the place. Then they stumbled away to their lift.

“It was hilarious at the time watching their mothers trying to get them home.

“The picture was taken roughly two months ago and has only surfaced now.”


On the public shaming of the girls, he said:  “I did see the meme ‘Go to El Ivino, get the D later’ but I just thought that was funny.

“I didn’t expect that my post about seeing them on the night would get so many likes. I just felt a bit sorry for them because I work at the club.

“Stuff like that doesn’t happen inside or outside the front of the club, which is why I feel so strongly about it.


“I feel for the girls, they’re obviously mortified and were just drunk, but at the same time the mention of it happening at El Divino gives the club a bad reputation when it’s not like that.

“When I saw it I just thought, that’s wrong, that’s not right.”

The new image emerged on the same day a sex selfie – also taken in Belfast – went viral. Again, the woman was the victim of abuse while the men were lauded as “heroes” and “legends”.


One man took the photo while his friend had sex with a girl on the same bed with the trio posing for the camera.

The man – who wore a baseball cap and said on his facebook page his job is “I grow weed” – shared the photo on Facebook saying: “Hilarious my best mate bucking like fuck.”

The original images have now been deleted – but not before they were copied and shared widely on social media, spawning a campaign of abuse from internet sexists.

Since being published, hundreds on Twitter and Facebook have liked and shared the screengrabbed image, with most criticism directed at the girl in the image.