VIDEO: Meet the student competitors at this year’s Miss England

Meeting the people vying to be the face of Britain’s beauty pageant scene


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Welcome to the world of beauty pageants. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.

Filterview spoke to the student candidates for Miss England, who have juggled uni life with competing.

For some, beauty pageants are an affirmation of society’s emphasis on how a young woman looks, on a very mainstream definition of beauty.

Where contestants are distilled down to height, bust, waist, hips, hair colour and dress size; all fitting into a very paradigmal way of appearing.

But on the other hand, is the competition any different to something like the Olympics? To exams? No-one is against the idea of judging people with regards to their athletic prowess or intelligence as defined by certain parameters – what’s so different about beauty?

So what about those on the inside – those that compete? The Filterview team was able to go down to the national finals and meet the contestants, and to see what the competitive beauty scene in the UK was like.

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