VIDEO: FIFA and the perfect con part 3

The final part of FIFA and the Perfect Con – an original, high quality documentary made for The Tab

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Fifa and the Perfect Con is the story of how Brazil’s national passion became widely resented. Throughout the World Cup, Filterview’s Ryan Chapman will be charting the host country’s mood in a series of short documentaries. This isn’t your typical Tab stuff, but when we heard Ryan was spending a year living in a favela to make the films, we couldn’t resist.

The third and final part involves an insight into the dishoused residents, and a beautiful song from a man who won’t be supporting Neymar because of the corruption at the top level of the organisation.

The film is another from our partnership with Filterview – a social network which helps you find videos you will love. This summer, we’re giving you some incredible short films focusing on colourful characters and the bizarre, unreported corners of British culture and the wider world, including Brazil.

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