What’s the weirdest thing you’ve stolen whilst drunk?

For whatever reason, students have a habit of becoming temporary kleptomaniacs when they drink. We hit the streets of London to find out the weirdest things people have stolen whilst smashed, and got some other stories along the way

Holly, studied at the London College of Communication

“I once stole an old lady’s trolley when I was really drunk…her own personal shopping trolley…I felt really bad about it…”

Ryan, studied at Exeter

“We stole a sandbag and replaced our friend’s pillow with it. He was so drunk that he just emptied it onto the floor in halls. I was also so drunk once I punched a hole in the wall of a nightclub… drunk and angry.”

Sarah (Left) studied at Goldsmiths, University of London and Chelsea (Right) Central Saint Martin’s

Chelsea: “We used to take turns stealing stuff from the pub we used to go to. On my week, I asked the lads on the bus on the way home if they wanted to see my jugs, and of they obviously said yes, so I showed them the two small milk jugs I’d stolen.”

Sarah: “Uhh, I think mine’s just napkins…”

Chelsea: “That’s so lame.”

Sarah: “I’ve still got them though, they’re great!”

Okay, Sarah.

AJ, studied at Oxford

“Probably a child’s bicycle.”

At least he gave it back.

Sophia, studied at Brighton and Sussex and Allen studied somewhere in Australia

Sophia: “I steal tasting glasses from bars…”
Allen: “When I was a student we had a very large collection of street signs in our house.”
Sophia: “Oh, big-ass ashtrays from coffee shops in Amsterdam! We were quite stoned though… no last names, right?”

Anonymous, studied at Central Saint Martin’s

“I once stole a couple of solar elements from a factory… actually it was about ten.”

Emily, studied at Manchester

“I managed to sneak a giant vase, about 75cm tall from a club without anyone noticing, even though there were flowers poking out of it. I also decided I wanted curtains for my room so I stole a blind. And a guy from the band Faithless gave me a load of weed once when I was in Ibiza…”

Daniel (left) from Birmingham and Thomas studied in Belgium

Daniel: “Probably the standard traffic cones, shopping trolleys…”

Thomas: “Do you know the term ‘student baptism’? It’s when you do the walk of shame and you have garlic thrown at you.”

Thomas didn’t really answer the question, but it sounds like great tradition

Talulla, studied at Newcastle

“I threw up on the deputy head mistress when I was thirteen… and at uni I would buy chips and hand them out to random people on the street after nights out.  Usually they were very polite and would only take one!”

“This dog”

Matthew (right), studied at LSE

“This isn’t going to the police is it? The sign from a building company, it was really, really big and it ended up in my room somehow.”

A sign? How original

 Will, studied at Oxford

“I stole entry to college balls, which are very expensive…sneaking round the back, that kind of thing. Kind of like Tomb Raider, you know?”

Just like Tomb Raider

Russell, studied at Liverpool

“A Stuart Little DVD.”

“Where from?”

“This fat girl’s house. After I slept with her.”

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t want his face to be shown