The cringiest email addresses from when you were a teenager

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Back in the glory days of MSN when we’d stay up past 9pm for a bit of ‘nudging’, the internet was not short of imaginative email addresses and screen names.

Whether your addy was a mess of kisses and full stops, or if you were blessed to be creative enough to come up with something slightly quirky and cool, it’s time to re-embrace the cringe email address.

These naughties gems are so bad that they’re good.

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“I was seriously fucking cute.”


I really liked the gym class heroes and thought I was good at rugby. Turns out that they were crap and I never grew past 3’1″

“I’ve seen McFly seven times and Tom is definitely my soul mate. I was genuinely heartbroken that I didnt get to see McBusted so I’m getting this lyric tattooed this summer instead.”

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“It’s not even my name but I thought it sounded cute.”


“Because every ‘milliemoo’ from 1 to 199 was already taken”


“ was taken, so I decided to be bold. Much much much too bold.”


“I always wanted it to be my car number plate”


“I made this when I was in first year at uni because I was Cambridge’s finest chonger”


“Because ‘black beauty’ was taken”

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“Because Charizard would dick all over Venusaur. And no one gives a shit about Blastoise”


“I wanted something that rhymed and this was the first thing that came into my head.”

“I don’t have a fucking clue… I just thought it worked”

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“I sided with England in the England vs. Turkey Euro 2004 qualifiers so this seemed like an obvious choice.”

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“I thought I was bloody edgy aged 10, and couldn’t be dealing with kisses”


“I was the edgy Milkybar kid essentially”

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Literally no explanation for this anonymous shocker, even the dog’s ashamed…


“My brother said I would be really cool and have loads of friends…”

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“When I was 14 I had a baby face so I adopted it as nickname but soon realised they were actually bullying me a bit.

“This addy is still in use, so hit me up girls!”