Meet the men singing England to World Cup victory

Two recent graduates made a World Cup song, and it’s horribly catchy…

The decision to rehash Gary Barlow’s ‘Greatest Day’ for the 2014 English World Cup anthem left many supporters feeling downright pissed off. 

A practical solution for righting this wrong? Write your own. And that’s exactly what two graduate pals Matt Blom and Matt Keston did.

Representing the England Supporters Trust, these two penned and filmed the catchy “Made in England”, getting thrown out of Trafalgar Square in the process as “we didn’t have permission from the Mayor”.


The Birmingham and Leeds Met graduates begin with a heartfelt address to the English Football Association: “We have deemed ‘Greatest Day’ unacceptable as the official World Cup Song. Whilst a very good song, it is not a football song or one that any fan travelling to Brazil will sing along to on the terraces to inspire the England team to lift the World Cup.” 

Serious matters aside, the video is a merry affair, featuring a sprightly Keston larking around in Central London. Dancing against a backdrop of baffled tourists, some of whom appear mildly terror-stricken, Keston at times straddles the border between energetic football enthusiast and deranged yob. 

Here is the result:


Speaking exclusively to The Tab, the lads said they felt “it was time to put out a new original song that was catchy and could get the fans singing along”. 

Blom said: ‘There hasn’t been a classic since Three Lions”, with Keston chipping in, “it’s the only song consistently sung on the terraces at games.” 

It looks like the boys are set for success: in the past three weeks, their smash hit has received air time on radios across the UK. “We actually met some presenters from Peterbourgh FM whilst filming who appear in the video. They were the first people to play us.” 

They’ve also managed to sell a grand total of two copies on iTunes: “They’re both from my mum…she’s not really sure how it all works.”


Mum’s the word…

Wig-sporting Keston has jetted off to Brazil to take part in the celebrations. Amongst hang-gliding over Rio and teaching England fans the memorable ditty before each match, his favourite Brazilian experience so far was “being on a Sao Paolo radio station, where we had a sing off against the Croatian fans”.

Although he hasn’t yet bumped into any football legends, he’s been playing plenty of beach football against the “next generation of stars”. 

A sing-off on live radio to start the day; the life of a celeb


A match made in wig heaven

Is a career change in line for these warbling wonders? Blom seems optimistic, saying the boys would be keen to represent the UK in next year’s Eurovision, as “obviously that is the pinnacle of any artist’s career”.

“Who would we thank in our VMA speech? Gary Barlow, for failing to produce a decent World Cup song.”


A serene moment in between the madness

Some not-so-successful attempts…