This Lancashire night club video will make you believe in fun again

Watch the ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ crew absolutely having it

A new promo video for a Preston nightclub is going viral – and it will restore your faith in real, honest fun.

The four minute clip, shot at “Rumes” nightclub in Lancashire, features a bunch of rowdy ravers having it large to the sound of UK bounce.

But it’s not a bunch of nine-year-olds watching Man United on Tizer – it’s the “Bounce by the Ounce” crew, the dedicated revellers of the hottest rave night in the North West.

It’s going off


The no nonsense video, which features a sweaty crowd of all ages bouncing to “Surrender” by Rachel Kerr, manages to capture exactly how we all wish we felt when we go on a night out.

Since being published last week, the video’s racked up nearly half a million views on Youtube, and is a far cry from the posey nightclub culture of today.


Throughout the video, gun-pointing men and women tirelessly bop around the half empty club, in what is one of the finest examples of not giving a shit ever recorded.

At one point, a punter in a fluorescent wig takes to the floor for a free style break dance. And at 1.40 a gurny guy in blue lets himself go like no other has before.

As the night progresses there’s even more neon wand-waving and whistle blowing. And just when you thought they couldn’t fucking have it any more, several women begin to proudly flash their bra and knickers for the camera.


Some are saying the video represents a rebellion against the vanity of UK nightclubs, as shit club nights are becoming the places to go to actually have some fun.

Talking about the imminent shit club night revolution, The Tab’s chief cultural critic, Jack Rivlin said: “The resurgent charm of shit club nights like Bounce by the Ounce is reminiscent of Czech dissident Vaclav Havel’s call to live ‘within the truth’ and carve out a private space for free expression in a totalitarian society.

“These clubbers are making a quiet subversive statement about the staid conformity of Going Out in 2014.

“On the other hand, some of them are probably just there because there is literally nothing else to do.”


And these sentiments are echoed by the ravers themselves. Talking about a recent Vice article in a Facebook post they said: “Enjoy your dead nights out in Shoreditch or wherever the fuck is popular nowadays, grow the fuck up u shallow cunt.”


The cheery troupe have already received a thorough rinsing from critics of the donk music movement. One said on Facebook: “This place is the stuff of nightmares, especially this mental old sweaty gurny dude. What a sight this place is, full of tramps and slags pissing their job seekers up the wall. Horrendous.”

Another said: “Possibly the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. Seriously, it’s like gyppo central! All you need is a few caravans and stray animals (although half the women look like that anyway).”

But we should leave the patronising outsiders to seek out the next vibesy cultural emporium of music and opinions. The Bounce by the Ounce crew will carry on actually having a laugh without a care in the world.