Revealed: How much time do you spend in the library?

Southern unis work harder

The average student visits the library 57 times a year, a Tab study has revealed.

Our new index shows how many times the average student visits the library at each university – and the figures mean on average you will go twice a week.

Royal Holloway tops the charts with 90 visits to the book stacks, while St Andrews prop up the table with 11.46.

library visits per year fb

We found out how many times the average student visited the library during the academic year 12/13 by dividing the access numbers by the number of students.

Unfortunately, Cambridge’s abundance of college libraries means they don’t collect this information.

Both Bristol and UWE also failed to store the data.

North vs. South

Taking Watford Gap as our dividing point for North and South, it seems the cold has been keeping people from studying.

With the national average at 57.25, Northern unis managed just 55.52. Sheffield (85.25) lead the way, followed by Leicester (76.82) and Liverpool (71.35).

But the scallywags at Lincoln (36.07), Hull (27.71) and St. Andrews (11.46) let the team down.

Southerners fared better, racking up a score of 59.3 to beat the national average.

Royal Holloway (90.47), UCL (79.73) and Imperial (71.38) lead the way, with Plymouth (48.4), Brookes (38.31) and Cardiff (30.71) having a laugh at the foot of the table.


Russell Group

Unis belonging to the prestigious Russell Group beat the national average by a fair distance, coming in at 61.67.

Sheffield lead the charge, with UCL and Imperial completing the top three.

Lowly Cardiff propped up the elite group with a measly score of 30.71, beating Birmingham to bottom spot who managed 41.1.

Russell Group