Clubber Steve: pint sized-party animal hits the big screen

If you haven’t heard of Clubber Steve before, you’re going to like him.


He is the 5’3″ student sensation who has recorded 200 nights out on his blog about “clubbing at boob level.”

Now Stephen Mayes, a.k.a Clubber Steve is being catapulted on to the silver screen in a mini-documentary on The Tab.

Our friends at Filterview shot exclusive footage of Steve in his element (clubbing), and this is the trailer:

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The pint-sized party supremo is famous in Oxford thanks to his distinctive appearance and his popular blog, where he chronicles the city’s nightlife.

From tales of alcohol-fuelled revelry with the Brookes football ladz, to fastidiously documented insights on the precise economics of drinking in each club, Clubber Steve’s blog is a viral sensation.

Many feared they had seen the last of Steve. But now, Clubber Steve has hit the big time with a unique insight into his uni life.

Expect to feel the full force of his philosophy, with his 10 golden rules to a perfect night out. And of course, lots of clubbing at boob level.

Sadly, Steve’s time is almost up in Oxford. He called his most recent blog post “very sad” as he detailed an epic final night at the Brookes Ball.


“This ball was another great night out, it probably cannot top the Brookes Ball I went to in first year but this one was still such a good night out.

“In conclusion, this night out was another brilliant night out for Clubber Steve, the 202nd and definitely up there for a top 10 night out ever in Oxford.

A man of his word

A man of his word

“A long but very enjoyable night out so a big thank you for everyone that I saw on this night out that truly has made university brilliant not only on this night but throughout my three years at university.”

In total, he has racked up more than a whopping 200 nights out. 87 of which were in first year, at what he says is an average of 3.7 times a week.

Throughout a whirlwind three years, Steve has been involved in all sorts of antics. He’ wowed us when he took to ballet, scared us when tried his hand at boxing, and stopped hearts when he was knocked out on football tour.

For the perfect night, Steve recommends:

• Buying doubles instead of singles “singles because you get more alcohol for your money”

• Dancing your heart out to your favourite song, which in his case is Low by Flo Rida ft. T-Pain 

• Always take up the offer of a spontaneous night out. “Some of my best nights out have been spontaneous.”

• And of course, eat. “Remember to line your stomach by having a good meal which makes sure that you are less likely to be sick due to the alcohol which you will consume on a night out.”

• Get involved on pre-drinks and embrace the drinking games. “My personal favourite is ring of fire.”

The new film, which brings Steve’s lively socializing into glorious technicolor, launches our partnership with Filterview – a social network of online video.

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For more considered use of emoticons, references to himself in the third person and a insightful utilitarian critique of Wahoo Bar and Grill, visit Clubber Steve’s blog.