Topless feminists mock society initiations in bizarre library video

Nudity, spanking, milk, and dead birds – a typical society initiation (Not Safe For Library)


Five topless feminists have changed art and university forever with an extreme video parody of  society initiations.

The three minute clip, entitled Initiatiøn, sees the female students strip, writhe around and molest a dead bird in a university library.

In one scene, a topless student showers in milk while sitting on the loo, and in another two girls kiss as the others break eggs on their heads.

The bizarre romp then sees the women spanking each other and licking chocolate syrup off each other’s backs.

But things get even stranger when one member of the group holds up what appears to be a dead goose.

Another student then appears to put the bird’s head in her mouth as a friend rides on her back. 15 12 4

According to creators Coco Young and Karley Sciortino, “Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria, highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire.”

Young is a student at Columbia University, where they shot the video.

But, although set in America, it could easily be a comment on British uni sports club intitiations – or “welcome drinks” – with its strange combination of nudity, semi-liquid foodstuffs and dead animals.

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In recent years details of horrific sports and drinking club rituals have led to a clampdown from university disciplinarians.

In 2009, it emerged Cambridge’s Wyverns drinking society asked new members to swallow a live goldfish before telling them to make themselves sick.

If the fish had died they were made to undergo further humiliation.

Nudity, drinking through pigs heads, and baths filled with vomit are commonplace at the ceremonies, which are shrouded in semi-secrecy. 7 8

With initiations now banned at almost every university across the country, the film serves as a reminder of halcyon days when women could strip naked and fellate the necks of dead fowl in public spaces such as libraries and corridors.

And it no doubt strikes a terrifying chord in the smoke filled-rooms of Vice Chancellors’ offices and student unions. 14 17

Tab art critic Matt McDonald mused: “Reminiscent of the pioneering shorts from the feminist avant garde movement, Young presents a Bacchanalian dystopia encased within an academic framework. The motif of hairless birds is particularly powerful in conveying bourgeois approaches to intellectual fertility.

“I can imagine the set would have been quite tricky to clear up though.”

Sciortino is part of the team behind Slutever, a cult blog and VICE video series which explores the “endless, mysterious labyrinth of human sexuality” which critics have called “a sort of satirical version of Sex and the City” about women in their twenties figuring life out. 16 bird

Pop culture blogger Nik Thakkar said they had “created a superhero persona out of VICE’s Slutever for modern girls in their twenties by presenting sex in a non intimidating way that is to the point and still hilarious.”

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