How to make sure you get a 2:1

Forget flow charts, timetables and mind maps

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Start your day with smoked salmon or a veggie omelette

While you might be used to waking up and gulping down a coffee and a piece of toast before heading to the library, a good brekkie can make all the difference.

Studies have shown that apples and ginger tea are actually better at waking you up than coffee, and a bowl of porridge will keep you full so you don’t end up making countless trips to the vending machine. It’s also a good idea to fill up on lean protein, vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants in the morning, so try splurging on a bit of smoked salmon or a spinach omelette for your morning meal.

Nutritious and delicious

Use these apps to block pesky timewasting websites

The internet holds a gargantuan amount of distracting material. Whether its stalking your ex-lover on Facebook, looking at cute dog videos on StumbleUpon, or live-tweeting your coffee break, a quick glimpse at any of these sites can turn into hours of procrastination. So use one of the many tools the internet can provide, such as IAmStudying or FocalFilter (just don’t block The Tab).

Blocking ShagAtUni and deleting Tinder is a good way to start

Move around – don’t live in the library

You know, that one guy who you ALWAYS see and doesn’t seem to ever change his clothes or sleep? Don’t be that guy.

Get out of the library every once in a while. If you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of sun, revise outside for a bit. Studies have shown that mixing up where you do your revision will help your brain to relax.

Take some time for yourself and it’ll make all the difference

Stick to the same chewing gum flavours

Studies have shown that if you chew a certain flavour of gum while revising, and chew that same flavour in an exam, you’ll remember more of what you revised. It’s science. Gum also helps you concentrate because it keeps blood flowing to your head.

So stock up on the Juicy Fruits, the Cherry Airwaves, and the Hubba Bubbas. Flavour-code your subjects, and chew your way to success!

There’s so many options, so you can use different flavours for all your modules

Eat bananas, they’re the perfect revision snack

Another superfood that’s conveniently transportable and packed full of energy. While those 2-for-1 Oreos might seem cheap, hit up the fruit aisle instead and you’ll be grateful for it in the long run.

If they make your organs show through your skin it’s probably a good idea to avoid them

All-nighters have been proven to ruin your revision

Your brain is at its best (even if it doesn’t seem so) right after you wake up. As the hours go by, your brain will get worse and worse at remembering things, making your caffeine-fuelled late night sessions entirely pointless. Use this site to plan how much sleep you need.

Don’t put yourself in a revision coma! Work to a normal daytime schedule, like 9-5

Inject some humour into your notes, and do it right

I don’t mean like those girls who sit around with a highlighter and make EVERYTHING fluorescent green. Just find a way to make you want to read your notes over, maybe something to give you a chuckle in future.

Try inserting random swear words or vulgar phrases into passages. Titty sprinkles. Turning the details you need to remember into a crazy story can also help your brain take it in, and make sure you do it on paper.

Try not to clutter everything with countless post-its and highlighted sections – keep it clear, concise, and interesting

Snack on nuts, berries, and wholewheat during the day

I’m not trying to be Jamie Oliver or anything, but you should eat well. Surviving on chocolate buttons and Ginster’s won’t give your brain what it needs to take on the tsunami of information you’re sending it. So, rather than ordering a Domino’s to the library (we’ve all thought about it), take something nutritious with you.

Wholegrain foods like cereals and whole wheat pasta stuffed into some tupperware with tomatoes and broccoli will give you a mega cranium boost, while snacking on things like nuts and blueberries can keep you going through the morning/afternoon and boost your brain power.

Typical all-nighter fuel isn’t the best idea

Take more breaks than you are now

It seems obvious, but some people just don’t take enough breaks. Your brain can only take so much, and if you overwork yourself you might just end up crumbling before exams. Chill out for ten minutes every half hour, or try spaced repetition.

The best thing you can do in a break is exercise, but it’s also acceptable to just rest your brain in front of some mind-numbing television. You can also use this as a reward for doing your work, making it even more beneficial and motivating. Aerobic exercise also helps your brain to process information.

Give yourself a bit of gym time to refresh your mind

You revise better in a group of friends

You’ll revise much better in a group of friends, even if you don’t talk or you don’t even do the same course. The peer pressure will make you work, providing you all actually need to get something done.

Just don’t fall into the trap of all going for breaks at the same time, and if anyone mentions the pub, banish them. Holding themed revision sessions can be a good way to get people involved and make revising more interesting.

Not a work-conducive environment

Don’t waste time picking your own music

Although music can be distracting, it’s been proven to reduce stress. Use playlist websites like 8tracks rather than picking your own study mix.

All you need to do is type in “study” and you’ll have a long playlist of perfect revision music. Much better than scrolling through your iPod every ten minutes.

So you won’t end up listening to Michael Jackson on repeat for three hours

Get rid of rap – classical and house music will help more

Everyone knows that classical helps you process information, and there’s even something called the Mozart Effect which claims Mozart’s music improves cognition.

If that’s not your cup of tea, try listening to rain sounds, ambient instrumental music, chilled house, or even video game soundtracks. Just make sure you don’t listen to the radio (it’s distracting), and keep the volume low (you’re revising, not raving).

Get shagging

Sex improves brain performance and reduces stress. It also helps you focus, but it’s even better if it’s with a new lover.

Just make sure you practice safe study

Or, just masturbate

Masturbation reduces stress and has a few of the benefits of sex without actually having to do the deed. It can be one of your rewards for a good day’s work!

Just try not to blow your wrist out, you’ll need it to write your exam answers

The author of this article managed to scrape a 2:1 with 58%, and you could too.