Introducing Tab Argument: we’re relaunching our opinion section, and you can write for it

The loudest student voice in the country has a new name

The Tab is a platform for all points of view.

We don’t have an agenda – we welcome all opinions provided they are well-argued and sincerely held.

That’s why we’re relaunching our opinion section as Argument.


University is a stressful time and by giving you an outlet for your voice, we hope to remedy your woes with some engaging commentary on student life.

In Tab Argument, you’ll find regular polemics on the things that matter to you, from campus censorship and bacon to feminism and Tinder.

And anyone can write for it – whether you are amused, amazed, or angered by an issue, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

If you want to preach from a pulpit which reaches millions of students (that’s us), then email with a quick explanation of what you want to say.

The Tab only covers the issues that matter to students, so don’t send us your dissertation on the development of agriculture in post-Maoist Sudan.