Lecherers! More outrage as ‘creepy’ casual sex site Shag At Uni lures in lecturers with offer of free membership

The site that crowned “Britain’s horniest student” and “Lad of the year” is now trying to attract academics who want to sleep with students

Creepy dating site Shagatuni has sparked further outrage by of offering  lecturers free membership to his website – encouraging them to have sex with students.

Tom Thurlow, 23, created shagatuni.com to help students meet like-minded others for casual sex.

He claims the site has attracted thousands of users, including lecturers, although a Tab investigation found many of the profiles on the site were not students.

Now the website has come under fire after many claimed it was “encouraging lecturers to abuse their positions of power”, when he offered them free membership to the site, which usually costs £15 a month.



The site claims to have thousands of students and lecturers on its books – although its ‘latest members’ section suggests otherwise

In a statement on the site Shagatuni said: “Since the beginning of 2014 we’ve seen an even bigger uptake to the site by university professors.

“We recently polled 1,773 of our members and over half of them (54 per cent) admitted to have been sexually attracted to their lecturer.

“And of these horny students, three fifths (61 per cent) confessed to indulging in ‘flirtatious behaviour’ with the lecturer in question.

“To put it simply, there are students in vast numbers who want to get it on with the person who stands in front of the blackboard.

“It could be a power thing or perhaps they just prefer someone with experience in the bedroom?

“At ShagAtUni we’re extremely accommodating and we see no good reason why not to encourage student and lecturer relations.”

It was followed by a list of advice to lecturers using the site, including the tip: “Try and avoid hooking up with a student you teach to avoid any discrepancies over exam results or degree grades.”

Tom said he saw nothing wrong with encouraging lecturers to sleep with students.

“I get that some will find it controversial, but that doesn’t mean lecturers and students don’t sleep with each other,” he said.

“Shag At Uni is the biggest site for students and sex so it’s only right that we lead the way in facilitating this naughty trend.”

Creator Tom Thurlow is offering lecturers free membership for the site

Creator Tom Thurlow is offering lecturers free membership for the site

Shag At Uni courted controversy when they named Exeter's Elina Desaine Britain's horniest student

Shag At Uni courted controversy when they named Exeter’s Elina Desaine Britain’s horniest student

But many have slammed the move by the website, with one university lecturer saying he was “appalled” by the website.

The 31-year-old, who asked not to be named, said: “I think it’s utterly wrong that this website is encouraging lecturers to abuse their positions of power.

“You’re talking about students who are still finding themselves in life and perhaps a bit naive and and this site is, it could be argued, taking advantage of them.

“Obviously the students have to be looking for it in the first place to join the site, so it’s not as though they’re being seduced, but they’re still young and could very likely regret getting together with a lecturer later in life.”

A Tab investigation suggested many of the users on Shag At Uni weren't students at all

A Tab investigation suggested many of the users on Shag At Uni weren’t students at all

Abi Thomas, a student from Cheltenham, Glos., called the website “creepy”.

The 20-year-old said: “I don’t agree with what Shag At Uni is doing. Personally, I think there should be a line between teachers and students.

“It’s creepy. Lecturers shouldn’t be trawling the internet looking for students for sex.

“I know there are students who are 18 and think it’s somehow cool and daring to sleep with their lecturer, but they’ll probably regret it later in life, and this is just encouraging them to do it.”

Tom said he got the idea to include lecturers after he came across many who had slept with their own while at university.

He said: “I know lots of students personally who fancy their lecturers.

“One (who shall remain nameless) even told me he slept with his twice.

“So this got me searching on my site for this trend. Low and behold he isn’t the only one getting some extracurricular.”

Explaining how the site works for lecturers, he added: “So they can browse through the users of my site just like a student can.

“When they find one that takes their fancy, they can message and arrange a hook up. Lecturers can also message us and get free membership for the rest of this year as I’m currently trying to get more and more of them using Shag At Uni.”

The site has come under fire before, notably when it crowned Exeter student Elina Desaine Britain’s horniest student.

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