Which Game of Thrones character is your uni?

Season 1-4 spoilers, obvs


Aberdeen – Wights

The walking dead from the Lands of Always Winter, possessed by the White Walkers. No-one knows exactly why they’re alive again or why they move like that, but it’s probably got something to do with copious amounts of heroin.

The beach is always dead this time of year

Aberystwyth – Xaro Xhoan Daxos

Fucking far away from anything which matters, and no-one can spell the name right.

Kind of forgot this one existed

Kind of forgot this one existed

Aston – Davos Seaworth

Always by the side of Stannis/UoB, coming from a simpler stock. As they’re all engineers, it’s a safe bet most of them are illiterate too.

Who doesn’t look this rough after a cheeky few at the Gosta?

Bath – Sandor Clegane (The Hound)

Big and ugly, with a decent reputation that they couldn’t care less about. Not too far from Arya/Bristol and absolutely loves boozing.

He doesn't skip leg day

He doesn’t skip leg day

Birmingham – Stannis Baratheon

Fighting what’s “rightfully theirs” – either the Iron Throne or student rights, depending on who you believe. Also often find themselves easily tempted – for “a post-Fab Roosters”, read “a freaky shadow-shag with a red-headed sorceress”.

‘Stop privatising my education or I will destroy you.’

Bournemouth – Petyr Baelish

From humble beginnings rose a major player. One climbed the ladder by making the crown money – the other through offering a rich array of Media and Marketing courses.

Little finger...big pile of metal

Little finger…big pile of metal

Bristol – Arya Stark

Has a shit haircut, dresses like a homeless person and gets really arsey when you mention her posh upbringing. She’s DJing at Motion next week.

‘Check out my vinyl-only set, I’m sick with the needle…’

Cambridge – Tyrion Lannister

Whose shame is the greatest – Tywin’s for fathering Tyrion or Oxford’s for spawning Cambridge? Two sides of the same coin – with the biggest brains in the country.

He’ll set the river alight with wildfire…and have the debris cleared in time for the Boat Race

Cardiff – Robb Stark

That feeling, that sucker punch, draining feeling of shock and betrayal that you felt when Roose did in his liege lord? That’s how Cardiff students felt when the SU stopped The Lash last year.

You dirty dogs you...

Dundee – Orell Skinchanger

This is what they all look like on a night out.

Thanks for the original Craig Murdo

Thanks for the original Craig Murdo

Durham – Jaime Lannister

Strong, athletic, blonde and rich, with a well-respected lineage and a reputation known throughout the land, Jaime was made for Klute. Judging by another year not winning BUCS rugby, he could probably start at scrum-half for DURFC, even with one hand.

Great hand-off

Edinburgh – Ygritte

EUSA declared itself a feminist…and no-one represents girl power from beyond the Wall quite like Ygritte. She’s also ginger like most Scots.

"Oi Robin Thicke, there won't be any 'Blurred Lines' when I slash ya up at a flat party"

‘Oi Robin Thicke, there won’t be any ‘Blurred Lines’ when I slash ya up at a flat party’

Exeter – Cersei Lannister

Pretty much exactly the same as Durham, only in the south. A privileged, crazy blonde girl who’ll do anything to get her own way? Put her on the Mosaic guest list and be done with it.

OMG, accusing me of incest is totes NOT OK guys…

Glasgow – Mag the Mighty

People from Glasgow Uni and giants belong in a box labelled “do not fuck with”. Burly and ill-disciplined. Imagine one running at you in a tunnel. No thanks.


Hull – Hodor

Hodor hodor hodor.



Imperial – Samwell Tarly

Thrust cruelly into a tight-knit all-male community, no social skills when it comes to women. Good with books and books alone (by which I mean problem sheets).

‘You had one job, Tarly’ – yeah, and it’ll be in the City

Kent – Missandei

Kent always bangs on about how it’s the “UK’s European University”, so with her countless languages Missandei would fit right in. She’s also a timid and slightly boring girl, which Kent is just full of.


King’s – Sansa Stark

“I’ll just come down to the capital from the north. There’ll be dances and reasonably priced drinks, everything will be so lovely.” Wasn’t what you were expecting, was it?

"FIVE campuses? Now I'll never get home..."

‘FIVE campuses? Now I’ll never get home…’

Kingston – Rickon Stark

No-one really knows where he/it is. Even fewer people care.

‘Who am I? Where am I? What’s a uni?’

Lancaster – Edmure Tully

Have you ever done something and REALLY regretted it? Like attacked a mill without the permission of your commander, or married a woman whose relatives then murder your sister, nephew, niece and take you captive? Or awarded an honorary degree to a man who was later exposed to be a paedophile? Edmure Tully has, and so’s Lancaster.

sux 2 be u m9

sux 2 be u m9

Leeds – Jon Snow

“Ooh, I’m so different and brooding. No-one understands me. The Watch took my full vinyl collection when I joined and they won’t let me wear AirMax.” You know nothing, Leeds Uni.

‘Knowing your mum is so mainstream’

Leeds Beckett – Daario Naharis

Both well-practised shaggers, Leeds Met changed name to Leeds Beckett much like Daario mysteriously changed his complete appearance between seasons 3 and 4. And the scene in Yunkai where he takes on 30 men at once – does it remind anyone else of a certain video which went around WhatsApp last May?


‘Did he always have that beard?’

Leicester – Walder Frey

Sitting cockily astride the Green Fork/M1, no-one can pass north or south without paying due respect to the shagaholic Late Lord Frey. Shit at organising parties – at least they didn’t book Westwood for the Red Wedding.

The secret to a long life and a series of successful marriages? Follow Tim Westwood's advice

The secret to a long life and a series of successful marriages? Follow Tim Westwood’s advice

Lincoln – Janos Slynt

You don’t really remember who he is, or what he’s for, and frankly for someone so far north, he’s a wet little fuck.


Liverpool – Beric Dondarrion

“They say that Liverpool/Dondarrion’s still in the Russell Group/alive.” “That’s a myth…” Weirdly, it actually isn’t.

The red who’s back from the dead…no, not Steven Gerrard…

Liverpool John Moores – Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane

The savagery Gregor Clegane meted out on the people of Westeros – raping a princess, killing her children, burning his brother’s face as a child –  is stomach churning. So is joining ISIS, which a fair few people from John Moores have been doing lately.


LSE – Oberyn Martell

A stranger in a distant land, Oberyn is as deadly with a poisoned spear as LSE students are with a calculator. Conspicuously very international in the capital. Likes lying down a lot – LSE for a library nap, Oberyn for either an orgy or after he’s had his skull cracked.

'All those lectures really give you a headache, no?'

‘All those lectures really give you a headache, no?’

Loughborough – Joffrey Lannister

The colour-scheme of his wedding’s purple, and he sits atop the Iron Throne/BUCS table when literally NO-ONE wants him there. God I hope someone wipes that smirk off his face.

A character with the petulance, build and charm of a second-team hockey player

A character with the petulance, build and charm of a second-team hockey player

Manchester – Bran Stark

It’s not just because they both rep the North – you’ll see people at Warehouse Project who are as good at walking as he is. More like “Three Eyed Raving”.

Fookin’ mad fer it…

Newcastle – Brienne of Tarth

Close to Jaime/Durham and the strongest female character, Brienne wouldn’t be out of place in Newcastle FemSoc. She’s reet good in a scrap an’ all.

Poking a bear with a stick much?

Northumbria – Bronn

No-nonsense, rough, tough, northern type, partial to a lot of wine and even more sex. You’d probably want a Northumbrian in your pay if you found yourself in a scrap.

'The squad'

‘The squad’

Nottingham – Daenerys Targaryen

Learning steadily how to rule on the other side of the Ocean…dancefloor. Hot posh girls who own horses.

‘Fuck the Iron Throne, I’ll just chill here for a while. They’ve got VKs.

Nottingham Trent – Jorah Mormont

Spending your life dedicated to following someone way out of your league is a bleak existence. Give it up, mate.

‘If I mutter the ‘Trent’ part, maybe then she’ll like me…’

Oxford – Tywin Lannister

The dominant power, ruling Westeros/the Russell Group with an iron fist and a sharp mind.

"A Lannister always pays his debts...even when they include three sets of tuition fees..."

‘A Lannister always pays his debts…even when they include three sets of tuition fees…’

Oxford Brookes – Margaery Tyrell

Both from quite a posh background, both rumoured to be very promiscuous, both hoping to marry into money and power, whether that’s Margaery shacking up with Renly, then Joffrey, then Tommen, or someone at Brookes hoping to snap up someone from real Oxford in Bridge.

I didn't know bits of Oxford Brookes were this pretty either

I didn’t know bits of Oxford Brookes were this pretty either

Plymouth – Robert Baratheon

So close yet so far from Exeter/Cersei, with a lusty appetite for Arbor red and semen everywhere (it’s a naval town…)

Can’t tell what’s worse, Targaryens or Marines…

Queen Mary – Olenna Tyrell

A bigger player in the capital than they’d ever let on – the Queen of Thorns would love it at Queen Mary. Olenna can be rather abrupt at times and forthcoming about her adventurous youth – presumably she wouldn’t bat an eyelid at performance artist and PhD student Lauren Barri-Holstein‘s vagina art.


Queen’s University Belfast – Melisandre of Asshai

Comes from the other side of the sea. Speaks in a funny accent. Cares a bit too much about religion.

“The night is dark and full of terrors”. What you on about, the Holylands is fine…

Reading – Podrick Payne

Let’s be honest, you probably forgot there was a uni in Reading/about Podrick being on the show. Chances are he comes on screen and you’re like “who’s that guy again?” To refresh your memory – he’s the one with the huge pipe. Young, nervous, brave when it matters – but all you know him for is dat wang. Never has the phrase “old enough for Reading, old enough for bedding” seemed more apt.


Royal Holloway – Jaqen H’ghar

No-one knows who/where he/it is. Is it in London or Surrey? What does he want? Where is he now? “Give me three names…” – RHUL, Royal Holloway, RoHo – what are you even meant to call this fucking place?


Sheffield – Ned Stark

The mad lads at Sheffield always “head off” to Plug – and Ned doesn’t have a head either. Also DAN BLOODY BEAN.


Pick me guys!

Southampton – Ellaria Sand

Exotic, sultry, sophisticated, southern – the Dornish paramour and the jewel of the south coast make the perfect pair. Which floor is stickier – Jesters, or the one with her lover Oberyn’s brains all over it?


St Andrews – Mance Rayder

Ruling the roost north of the Wall – both fleeing from the threat higher up (White Walkers/actual Scottish people) and heading south to threaten the Lannister/Oxbridge dynasty.

‘You know how I got moon-worshipers and cannibals and Hamish McHamish to march together in the same army?’

Stirling – Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund is massive. Stirling is beast at sport. Hard not to imagine him singing “I Used To Work In Chicago” while clambering up the Wall.

‘Where’s all the snow gone?’ Give it a few months

Strathclyde – Styr, Magnar of Thenn

From up there in the cold, hardened by a brutal culture, unorthodox diet (deep fried anything v human flesh – your call).


Sussex – Varys

As well as being very politically savvy, Varys doesn’t identify as a man or a woman. He’d love Bar Revenge.

‘For the good of the realm, I swear…’

UCL – Loras Tyrell

Spends a lot of time getting fucked by King’s.

‘Golden triangle? Is that when me, Renly and Marga-‘

UCLan – Dolorous Edd Tollett

Always feels like life is making jokes at his expense. The feeling he got when Jon gives him command of the Wall? That’s how realising you’re going to UCLan must feel.


UEA – Craster

Rejecting the laws of the civilised world to go and start your own family by breeding with your kin. Sound familiar Norwich?

A land of incest and aberration...just off the A11

An isolated settlement in a wasteland…just off the A11

UWE – Gendry

Common as muck and happy to remind Arya/Bristol of it too. Easily duped into getting naked on camera. Built for good honest work like metallurgy or being the assistant manager in a branch of Wickes.

No wonder he's grinning...just got off set with Johnny Rockard...

No wonder he’s grinning…just got off set with Johnny Rockard…

Warwick – Theon Greyjoy

Warwick campus is a lot like the Iron Islands – remote and barren. Warwick students don’t shag much because their nightclubs are awful – and Theon won’t be shagging much over the next few seasons either.

A night out at Warwick Uni: absolute torture

A night out at Warwick Uni: absolute torture

York – Robert Arryn

Irritating, sickly, pale little brats who are probably still breast-fed. Think about your mates from home who ended up at York – they’re exactly what I just described aren’t they? “I’m the Lord of the Vale” – oh fuck off.



Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on the 12th April.