Student wins a huge £5050 in Student Lotto

From 50p to £5050 – Kingston student bags £5k with Student Lotto ticket

A student has bagged herself £5050 in cash as part of the Student Lotto 50-50 prize draw.

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To celebrate the 50th day of the 50p Student Lotto’s 50/50 competition, Student Lotto has announced the winner of a £5050 windfall.

Kingston University student, Fawn Beecher, bagged herself the case of £50 notes on the last day of the competition.

The surprise came following a day under observation on her work placement:

“At first I thought it was a joke but the more I read the email the more I started thinking ‘I might have actually just won £5050″

“I honestly couldn’t believe it, this has made my year! It’s really crazy, as I never win competitions or anything like that.”

The Primary Teaching student from Glastonbury, who’s been playing the Student Lotto since February, plans to blow the cash on a trip to New York for her 21st birthday.


But she’s not the only student to get lucky with Student Lotto – students across the country have been swiping cash prizes every day.

Student Lotto have been dishing out £50 to one student every day for 50 days – before announcing the £5050 jackpot winner last Monday.


With just a 50p ticket you could become a student millionaire. Huge draws take place every twice every week, with average jackpots of £2.5m and the highest jackpot to date at an incredible £7m.

Student winners are picked on Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 8pm – match six numbers, as well as the star number to win the jackpot. There’s even prizes for matching just one number or more.

And when you play you’re even supporting the student community. 20% of all income for Student Lotto gets donated to projects that help students in their personal lives and careers.

That’s not all though, playing The Student Lotto automatically enters registered students into a weekly prize draw. And there’s plenty of stash up for grabs ranging from a cappuccino or gig tickets, to a tablet computer, or even a holiday.


The Student Lotto will also be giving away 10,000 free plays to celebrate hitting 10,000 members. And don’t miss the very special ‘British Summertime Super Draw’ coming soon, with amazing prizes for students including a Yamaha Scootera holiday, Odeon UCI cinema tickets and much, much more.

Head to to play The Student Lotto now.