Why are these Edinburgh students so keen to register to vote?

We weren’t sure so we asked them

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The deadline for registering to vote is April 20th. We asked some Edinburgh students why they’re voting and why you should too.

Fancy putting off that essay for another five minutes? Register to vote. 

Lewis, fourth year at Edinburgh, Law

“It’s important that younger people get fair representation.

“Changes made now are ultimately going to affect our generation so it’s important we get a say in our future.”

Do something useful while you wait for your takeaway and register to vote.

Michael, third year at Edinburgh, Classics

“You should use your democratic rights. Every vote counts.”

Need a good hangover distraction? Click here to register to vote. 

Freya, fourth year at Edinburgh, English Literature

“Voting is one of the few opportunities you have to make a difference to your country as a whole.”

Time is running out, register to vote now.

Louise, Masters at Edinburgh, Linguistics

“From a female perspective, people fought for the right for women to vote and you should exercise that right.”

Register to vote takes less than five minutes, click here to do it now. 

Alistair, Masters at Edinburgh, Victorian Literature

“People should vote because they have a democratic responsibility, not to vote is not a choice but a resignation of the choice you have.”

Don’t shirk your democratic responsibility, register to vote.