Woof! Mr and Ms University candidates strip off to win your vote

Chris Hudson-Wallis

Anyone need any cheese grated? Check out these abs yo!

Breathing deeply and pupils dilated, bear with us as we take you on the “eight-pack” tour of the UK.

With 38 candidates in this year’s Mr and Ms University competition, it’ll definitely be an “oily” night to remember with not a single orange “ab” in sight.

So clutching every bit of dignity we hold dear and haven’t spent in a sweaty gym let’s start with the women…

WARNING: The following photos will make you feel incredibly guilty about your own chubby bits.

Anastasia Timotheou

Uni: Nottingham Trent
Interesting personal fact: I love food and have a huge appetite, so much so I once went to an all you can eat and had 8 plates excluding desert plates/bowls and had to unzip my jeans so I could go up for more.


Holly Welch

Uni: Sheffield Hallam
Interesting personal fact: I believe in ghost and when I go home from university my family and I often use the Ouija Board to try and contact ghost. As long as it’s done professionally it’s not as scary as people make out!! I also believe in Wiccan, magic, spirits and fortune telling!


Rosie Williams

Uni: Swansea
Course: Investigation of tropical stable isotope dendroclimatology MRes
Interesting Personal Fact: I’m hyper-flexible.


Brooke Wood

Uni: Sheffield Hallam
Interesting personal fact: I have Complete Situs Inversus Dextro-Cardia


 Tracy Cheon

Uni: Kingston
Interesting personal fact: I study fine art


Tandiwe Wallace-Sims

Uni: Gloucestershire
Interesting personal fact: my name means “very much loved” in Zimbabwean


Shara Edgar

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting personal fact: I have an identical twin who is also into fitness and wishes to compete in bikini competitions in the future too.


Rachael Tordoff “Tardoff”

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: Along with being a computing student and a post woman, I am ex-army reserves. So basically G.I Jane, saving the world one letter at a time. I once did a biathlon using live bullets despite the fact that I can barely see out of my dodgy shooting eye…



Bethany Lord

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: Qualified Zumba instructor


Charles Newson

University: Westminster
Interesting personal fact: My Dad lives in Thailand & I have been to university pantless on many occasions.


Matthew Price

Uni: Newcastle
Interesting personal fact: I have a phobia of Giant squids


Ryan Kirk

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: I am currently working for Formula One during summer where I get to go out to the races


Petros Djakouris

Uni: Nottingham
Interesting Personal Fact: Obsessed with motivating speeches and Rocky


Mehul Harji

Uni: Birmingham
Interesting personal fact: I played a school league football match with a broken thumb…I was the goalie



Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: I competed internationally as a sprinter for Bahrain between the ages of 14-17. Whenever I’m injured and can’t train (happens often), I spend my free time developing apps for the App Store. My biggest “hit” is a game called “Cheeky Monkey In Space”


Adam Hope

Uni: Nottingham Trent
Interesting personal fact: Represented Great Britain (American Football) with 4 International caps


 Ahmed Al-Suwaidi

Uni: Anglia Ruskin
Interesting personal fact: None


Saif Ali Al-Malki

Uni: Coventry
Interesting personal fact: None


 James Coackly

Uni: Leicester
Interesting Personal Fact: My nickname throughout high school was Jammy.


Josh Bridgman

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: I am actually part Indian.


Martin Hall

Uni: De Montfort University
Interesting Personal Fact: I found Nemo on holiday


Charlie McGing

Uni: Sheffield
Interesting Personal Fact: I acted in the second season of the inbetweeners


Liam Sharp

Uni: Leeds
Interesting Personal Fact: I broke both of my legs one 5 days after having the cast removed from the other because I was dared to jump off a roof


Josh Ware

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: I have competed with the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) and was placed 5th last year, I love the buzz of getting on
stage and showcasing months of dieting and hard work. Training is my passion and I love the challenge of sticking to a strict nutritional plan and being in the best shape possible.


Chris Bush

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Once stung on the P***s by a jellyfish


Darren Wood

Uni: Glasgow Caledonian
Interesting Personal Fact: I was a member of the Great Britain judo squad and won a total of 12 Scottish titles and 3 British titles at my respective weight category and travelled all over the world competing and picking up medals.


Jack Sharpe

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Currently in the process of applying for selection as a Royal Marines Young Officer


Tak-Cho Ho

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: Most people at the gym address me as ‘Mister Tak’. Outside of the gym people call me ‘Tak’, and incidentally I also have 2 older brothers called ‘Tak’


Nathan Etherington

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Originally joined the gym solely for cardio


Feyi Oyebode

Uni: Birmingham
Interesting personal fact: nil


Mark Davison

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: I ripped my shirt (button down with tie on) at the dodgeball Christmas meal last year because I said I could and my mate said I couldn’t. I did it, totally worth it. Also at this same event there was a secret santa, I got given gold hotpants. I wore then them to the next practice without a shirt.


Perry Maskell

Uni: Bristol
Interesting personal fact: Worked as a Nursing Care Assistant for 1 year, taking blood, assisting surgical team amongst other tasks


Sam White

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: My middle name is Wolfgang (interesting story behind it)


Matt Sallis

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: I’m an identical twin, 2x magazine cover model & had lung surgery in 2009


Matt Lemay

Uni: DeMontfort
Interesting personal fact: My cousin is an Olympic gold medallist & a lot of my family are in the military, including my Grandfather who was in the S.A.S.


Justin Bland

Uni: Leeds
Interesting personal fact: Played rugby in Canada and New Zealand as well as playing regional at U16 and U18


 Craig Richey

Uni: Coventry
Interesting personal fact: I’m a Karate 1st Dan Black Belt in Wadu-Ryu


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