Woof! Mr and Ms University candidates strip off to win your vote

Anyone need any cheese grated? Check out these abs yo!

Breathing deeply and pupils dilated, bear with us as we take you on the “eight-pack” tour of the UK.

With 38 candidates in this year’s Mr and Ms University competition, it’ll definitely be an “oily” night to remember with not a single orange “ab” in sight.

So clutching every bit of dignity we hold dear and haven’t spent in a sweaty gym let’s start with the women…

WARNING: The following photos will make you feel incredibly guilty about your own chubby bits.

Anastasia Timotheou

Uni: Nottingham Trent
Interesting personal fact: I love food and have a huge appetite, so much so I once went to an all you can eat and had 8 plates excluding desert plates/bowls and had to unzip my jeans so I could go up for more.


Holly Welch

Uni: Sheffield Hallam
Interesting personal fact: I believe in ghost and when I go home from university my family and I often use the Ouija Board to try and contact ghost. As long as it’s done professionally it’s not as scary as people make out!! I also believe in Wiccan, magic, spirits and fortune telling!


Rosie Williams

Uni: Swansea
Course: Investigation of tropical stable isotope dendroclimatology MRes
Interesting Personal Fact: I’m hyper-flexible.


Brooke Wood

Uni: Sheffield Hallam
Interesting personal fact: I have Complete Situs Inversus Dextro-Cardia


 Tracy Cheon

Uni: Kingston
Interesting personal fact: I study fine art


Tandiwe Wallace-Sims

Uni: Gloucestershire
Interesting personal fact: my name means “very much loved” in Zimbabwean


Shara Edgar

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting personal fact: I have an identical twin who is also into fitness and wishes to compete in bikini competitions in the future too.


Rachael Tordoff “Tardoff”

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: Along with being a computing student and a post woman, I am ex-army reserves. So basically G.I Jane, saving the world one letter at a time. I once did a biathlon using live bullets despite the fact that I can barely see out of my dodgy shooting eye…



Bethany Lord

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: Qualified Zumba instructor


Charles Newson

University: Westminster
Interesting personal fact: My Dad lives in Thailand & I have been to university pantless on many occasions.


Matthew Price

Uni: Newcastle
Interesting personal fact: I have a phobia of Giant squids


Ryan Kirk

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: I am currently working for Formula One during summer where I get to go out to the races


Petros Djakouris

Uni: Nottingham
Interesting Personal Fact: Obsessed with motivating speeches and Rocky


Mehul Harji

Uni: Birmingham
Interesting personal fact: I played a school league football match with a broken thumb…I was the goalie



Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: I competed internationally as a sprinter for Bahrain between the ages of 14-17. Whenever I’m injured and can’t train (happens often), I spend my free time developing apps for the App Store. My biggest “hit” is a game called “Cheeky Monkey In Space”


Adam Hope

Uni: Nottingham Trent
Interesting personal fact: Represented Great Britain (American Football) with 4 International caps


 Ahmed Al-Suwaidi

Uni: Anglia Ruskin
Interesting personal fact: None


Saif Ali Al-Malki

Uni: Coventry
Interesting personal fact: None


 James Coackly

Uni: Leicester
Interesting Personal Fact: My nickname throughout high school was Jammy.


Josh Bridgman

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: I am actually part Indian.


Martin Hall

Uni: De Montfort University
Interesting Personal Fact: I found Nemo on holiday


Charlie McGing

Uni: Sheffield
Interesting Personal Fact: I acted in the second season of the inbetweeners


Liam Sharp

Uni: Leeds
Interesting Personal Fact: I broke both of my legs one 5 days after having the cast removed from the other because I was dared to jump off a roof


Josh Ware

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: I have competed with the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) and was placed 5th last year, I love the buzz of getting on
stage and showcasing months of dieting and hard work. Training is my passion and I love the challenge of sticking to a strict nutritional plan and being in the best shape possible.


Chris Bush

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Once stung on the P***s by a jellyfish


Darren Wood

Uni: Glasgow Caledonian
Interesting Personal Fact: I was a member of the Great Britain judo squad and won a total of 12 Scottish titles and 3 British titles at my respective weight category and travelled all over the world competing and picking up medals.


Jack Sharpe

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Currently in the process of applying for selection as a Royal Marines Young Officer


Tak-Cho Ho

Uni: Loughborough
Interesting Personal Fact: Most people at the gym address me as ‘Mister Tak’. Outside of the gym people call me ‘Tak’, and incidentally I also have 2 older brothers called ‘Tak’


Nathan Etherington

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting Personal Fact: Originally joined the gym solely for cardio


Feyi Oyebode

Uni: Birmingham
Interesting personal fact: nil


Mark Davison

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: I ripped my shirt (button down with tie on) at the dodgeball Christmas meal last year because I said I could and my mate said I couldn’t. I did it, totally worth it. Also at this same event there was a secret santa, I got given gold hotpants. I wore then them to the next practice without a shirt.


Perry Maskell

Uni: Bristol
Interesting personal fact: Worked as a Nursing Care Assistant for 1 year, taking blood, assisting surgical team amongst other tasks


Sam White

Uni: Leicester
Interesting personal fact: My middle name is Wolfgang (interesting story behind it)


Matt Sallis

Uni: Plymouth
Interesting personal fact: I’m an identical twin, 2x magazine cover model & had lung surgery in 2009


Matt Lemay

Uni: DeMontfort
Interesting personal fact: My cousin is an Olympic gold medallist & a lot of my family are in the military, including my Grandfather who was in the S.A.S.


Justin Bland

Uni: Leeds
Interesting personal fact: Played rugby in Canada and New Zealand as well as playing regional at U16 and U18


 Craig Richey

Uni: Coventry
Interesting personal fact: I’m a Karate 1st Dan Black Belt in Wadu-Ryu