Why do Durham’s fashion show models think voting in the election matters?

We weren’t sure so we asked


Does a deep-set belief in democracy hide behind the pretty faces and chiselled physiques of Durham’s best bred students? We found out.

Laurel, 2nd year History (wearing Gieves and Hawkes)


“A lot of students seem to think it’s cool to be apathetic at the moment. I couldn’t disagree more, if walking the catwalk is anything to me, it’s proving that I deserve to have a voice. Not registering to vote would go completely against that.”

Register to vote and have your voice heard.

Ferdie, 1st year studying English Literature (wearing Ralph Lauren)


“It’s like my favourite proverb says; it’s the thing we don’t do that we regret, not the things that we do. That’s the way I feel about everything, voting included.”