Neck & Dominate: The best of neknominate

Here at The Tab, we thought we’d remind you that there’s more to this game than shitty bandwagon hoppers drinking half pints in their kitchens.


The Daily Mail has picked up on this “crazy new Australian drinking game” which is actually an age-old tradition that’s been going on in secret groups and behind closed doors for years, and all of a sudden your Facebook timeline is full of low quality bolts. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites.

And remember, drink responsibly – don’t be an idiot.

These Nottingham Trent boys went undercover to deliver an excellent Nan & Nominate

This Kent gent is makin’ our dreams come true with his little dance number

Rocky Balboozer showing he’s got the gag reflex of the tiger

Party Boy invades Lancaster Uni

Good effort incorporating the Harlem Shake

A few chaps from Exeter have knocked together a bloody long beer bong

In fact, those Exeter lads can get really resourceful, here’s a Wallace and Gromit style Jägerbomb

This Leeds Met student invaded rival University of Leeds and saw one off in a lecture

Milk & Nominate combines two memes in one spectacular stunt

All hail the Welsh Valley Mudslide!

Surrey Uni rugby star prays for assistance in his bolt

etanimon & kceN

Nothing wrong with a bit of extra calcium

These oddballs take inspiration from another viral sensation

The production values are high in Nottingham as this chap channels his inner Attenborough

Don’t drink? No problem! This guy makes up for it with an epic video and he sees off his water in a very respectable time

It was bound to get weird eventually.

Nominating the security guard at the end was a stroke of genius

Throw a touch of class into your video by educating your mates about fine wines

Tab top tip: Don’t use dog food, you’ll get food poisoning. Just like Tab Imperial editor Jack Hewitt.

This is just fucking stupid more than anything