Release the boozehounds! Drunken facebook pics won’t stop you getting a job

Turns out being drunk doesn’t make you a bad employee after all.

New study reveals embarrassing Facebook pictures don’t matter to employers
• Report shows “no significant correlation” between boozy pics and unemployability

In life-changing news for those unable to understand Facebook privacy settings, boozy Facebook pics might NOT put employers off you after all.

Until now, it had been universally believed that an ill-timed pro-Hitler tweet or dirty pint mangina video on Facebook would come back to haunt you when you tried to apply for jobs.

Multi-tasking was on your CV

“I am highly skilled at multi-tasking”

Not content with your grinning graduation photo and work experience at the local Oxfam on Linkedin, companies follow you around the internet until they find all the unsavoury stuff you didn’t think to hide. Don’t think that taking the vowels out of your name will make any difference.

Fortunately, researchers with too much free time are here to help. According to a study from North Carolina State University, there is “no significant correlation” between the key personality traits that employers look for, and the likelihood of you posting about booze or drugs.


This shows that you know how to make friends!

In fact, it turns out that the kind of people considered ideal for sales and marketing positions are MORE likely to be publicly awful on social media, as opposed to useless candidates with a clean Facebook record. The study showed that by judging these candidates on their booze n’ babes activity, these employers were missing out on the most “extroverted” candidates.

Recent graduate and Tab reader Ryan Barrell welcomed the news. He told The Tab: “I’ve have multiple pictures of me looking like an absolute ladiator-in-chief drinking all the lager beers and I’ve still managed to get a cutting-edge job in social media at one of Farringdon’s top start ups.”

The perfect sales candidate.

The perfect sales candidate.

Bizarrely enough, the report also discovered that people judged to be ‘conscientious’ and ‘agreeable’, were also the most likely to talk shit about other people. Whether or not this is a desirable office attribute was not confirmed.

While this is good news for most of us, don’t take those privacy settings off just yet. While drunken pictures might not hold you back in the eyes of the boss, you probably shouldn’t be so open about those dwarf-throwing, coke-off-a-prostitute ones.

Well, unless you want to work in finance.