Not another one! Imperial students post newest contender for cringiest video ever

First there was Loughborough SU’s Naughty Boy lip sync, then Birmingham Sports – now this group of Imperial students have taken it one step further


A group of Chemical Engineering students from Imperial College London have stunned the internet with a horrifyingly bizarre music video.

imp cringe vid girls at window

The crazy clips see a group of students first ripping off Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe before launching into a version of the official video for One Pound Fish.

I, I Work Out...

I, I, I Work Out…

Whilst many students consider Loughborough SU’s cover of La La La the world’s cringiest student vid, this wacky bid from Imperial includes:

  • Students pretending that a laptop is a guitar
  • A homoerotic photograph of a classmate
  • Topless pole-dancing around a lamppost

imp vringe group shot 2

George Cliffe, who uploaded the video, told the Tab Imperial: “[It] was just a team building thing that everyone Chem Eng did for an hour.

“Joe Parkin was in our group but he didn’t show up (hence his photo being shown on the iPad).”

They look a little like the forlorn spirits of the dead once more dancing upon the Earth but for some reason choosing to do so so as to advertise some fresh goods at a market stall

They look a little like the forlorn spirits of the dead once more dancing upon the Earth.

Jack Hewitt, Editor of the Tab Imperial, said: “I for one had difficulty believing that my iTunes wasn’t set on ‘blast from the past’ shuffle mode after the musical demons of 2012 were resurrected and started eating away at my grey matter, unfortunate given I had an exam at 3 pm and could’ve done with all the brain cells I could muster.

I don't know why they keep showing his picture either if I'm honest.

Erstwhile star of the video Joe Parkin.

“Much like the hype surrounding Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance and song ‘Wrecking Ball’, the latest hobbit film, or a conversation with the boring relatives at Christmas about your course, it just kept going.”