Why you should only date medical students

Forget the jokes about medical students not having time for a sex life, dating a med student is the best decision you could possibly make


They know the value of a strong relationship


They might be living in debt now, but one day they’ll be rolling in it!

You won’t have to feel bad anymore for missing a night out

They’ll always be there for you, because they’re always awake

You’ll always be “the cool one” in the relationship

They might not know exactly what they’re doing in the bedroom…

…but they know where all the sweet spots are

They’ll fall in love with you just for cooking them a hot meal, because it’s been so long since they had one

You’ll get loads more work done, because it’ll be the only thing you do together…

…but when they go out, they go out HARD.

And even though things might get heated between you…

…just remember that it’s only because medical school does funny things to you

(and at least they’ll be able to clean you up afterwards)