Weird and wonderful societies

Fetishists, onesie enthusiasts, and robot football: Vote now for the UK’s weirdest university society


Underwater Hockey

This intense game is played by Bangor, Stirling, Aberdeen, Portsmouth, and many more universities. It’s like normal hockey, but the sticks are shorter and you can’t breathe.


Fetish Society

Celebrating a fondness for bondage, latex and other sexual oddities, Fetish Soc has popped up at Birmingham, York, and UEA.

The Tab’s Luke Terry just happened to be at a Fetish Soc meeting

Hide and Seek Soc

Exeter, Plymouth and Nottingham students are signing up in droves to play campus-wide games of hide and seek.

You’d think they’d be a bit better than that…

The Assassins’ Guild

Warwick, Durham, Cambridge, Sheffield and Birmingham take it one step beyond by setting up their own Assassins’ Guilds. Basically real life Assassin’s Creed with Nerf guns and foam swords replacing blades and crossbows.

Many members are experts at hiding in bushes

Humans vs. Zombies

This Royal Holloway society takes things even further, with 24/7 tag survival games where members fight off ravenous hordes of the undead.

All jokes aside, this sounds fucking AWESOME

Cat Soc

Oxford and Sussex both have societies dedicated to liking cats. Seriously.

They get the most pussy on campus. Bazinga!

Soc Soc

Controversial joke candidate and Tab-backed victor of Oxford University Student Union elections LJ Trup campaigned on a manifesto (written in crayon) which included the amalgamation of all University societies into one grand Society Society, or Soc Soc.

It’s The Tab wot won it!

Nicolas Cage Society

Meme culture is infiltrating universities more every day, and many unis such as Lincoln and Sussex are seeing societies set up to honour the Face/Off actor.

You’re a Nic Cage Soc member and you’re single? You don’t say…

Re-enactment Society

Fancy hanging out in a field with a bunch of sweaty history nerds in period-accurate outfits? You might like to try re-enactment soc.

“Simon I killed you!” “Did not, I’ve got a forcefield!” “For fuck’s sake Simon”

Wingardium Levio-Soc

Playing games like Pub Quidditch and dressing up like wizards – What’s not to like? Harry Potter Societies are being set up all over the country, and some universities also have their own Quidditch teams.

It’s broomin’ good fun!

Northern Soc

If your uni is full of people named Tarquin from Surrey (which it probably is), it’s important for people from up north to stick together. That’s why (aye) some Exeter students decided to set up a society just for Northerners.

Lego Society

Trips to Legoland, building university buildings in Lego, and all sorts of other child-like activities! So if you’re at Staffs, Imperial or Portsmouth you won’t have to Lego of your childhood.

Bricking it

Twenty Minute Society

You get a text telling you a location, and you’ve got 20 minutes to get there. Simple. This society has popped up at Newcastle, Lancaster and Birmingham, and locations include comedy nights and paintballing.


Kigu Society

Basically onesie society. The University of York Kigu Soc‘s members aim to share their onesie enthusiasm with the world. We’d rather they didn’t.

They might as well call it Wank Soc

Plymouth University Robot Football Team

Yes, this is actually a thing. Boffins at the University of Plymouth have set up a team of footballing humanoid robots.

Still a better goalkeeper than Joe Hart

Sack Soc

No, it’s not a group for scrotum enthusiasts, it’s Liverpool Sack Racing Society! Can’t wait to see that on the BUCS website.

They must get really bored with these sack-based pick up lines