Student pet of the week

Constance Knox

Meet Princess Philli, the Dwarf Cashmere Lop bunny from Hyde Park – our BPOC (Big Pet On Campus).


Name: Princess Philli,

Age: 6 months

Breed: Dwarf Cashmere Lop

Likes: Gymnastics. Trips to Sainsbury’s in her high vis jacket. Pre-drinks and post-jams (she’s in it for the long cotch boys)


Dislikes: Potty training, going down the stairs, rain and mud

Favourite type of music: Chart. She loves bopping and hopping along to a bit of Beyoncé

Favourite song: Single Ladies (she’s a secret feminist)

Relationship status: Just her and her rampant rabbit

Celebrity crush: Hugh Hefner


Gabriella Edmondson, and Ianthe Jacob are joint owners of Princess Philli. She spends half her time in Hyde Park and the other half in Leeds city centre.

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