Oxford Nudiversity

Uni sports teams strip for charity calendar

There’s really only one way to quench your unpalatable lust for Oxford University’s sportsmen and women: with the opportunity to gawp at them for the entirety of the year 2014.

Varfitties: Can't beat Cambridge without a buff bod

Varfitties: Can’t beat Cambridge without a buff bod (Photo: Toby Mather)

Oxford’s charity fundraising society RAG has released a calendar featuring members of ‘Blues’ uni-wide sports teams, demonstrating their talents in the best way possible: with no clothes on.

Rowin (1280x853)

Wet: Oxford’s rowers take a break from the water (photo: Toby Mather)

Every month features a different men’s or women’s team. You can look forward to the bare arses of athletes, the unbelievable pecs of polo players (yeah, they actually play polo there), and the washboard stomachs of swimmers.

Photographer Toby Mather told The Tab that the shoots weren’t always glamorous: “Taking the photos was enjoyable, but not without its difficulties: at one point a group of 5 year olds on a school trip walked onto one of the shoots as the athletes disrobed.”

aaaa scaled fencing

Barbed rejoinder: Not all tutes are this violent or this naked (photo: Toby Mather)

The calendar is available from www.tinyurl.com/bluescalendar, so you can check it out for yourself. Try not to get too excited.