Clean up in aisle 2:1

Asda are offering staff a three year degree to produce the “future leaders”

Supermarket giants Asda have launched a three year BA degree for staff who have missed out on going to university.

30 workers will be offered the opportunity to learn about merchandising, developing people and slapping their bum pockets full of change.

The scheme will involve 12 days of classroom teaching and work based assessments that will eventually lead to a BA degree.


The executive people director of Asda, Hayley Tatum, said with “the current economic climate, coupled with the spiralling costs of higher education, means that many of our colleagues have missed out on university degrees.”

The degree intends to develop “the future leaders of Asda”.

“By providing the opportunity to study for a degree, we hope that we can open more doors for our colleagues, developing their skills for the future.”

The degree will be run in partnership with Middlesex university.

Asda have followed the trend set by Morrisons, who started a degree in Supermarket Operations last year.

McDonald’s took it one step further, opening their very own Hamburger University.


Hosting three kitchen labs, 13 teaching rooms and a 300-seat auditorium current students are lovin’ it.