Richard’s Last Battle is almost upon us

The legal battle over Richard III burial heats up!

Leicester’s favourite historical hero has one last battle to fight: the legal case over where he should be buried.

The debate over Richard III’s burial has raged since his discovery towards the end of last year, with Leicester Cathedral and York Minster locked in a duel.

University staff feel as though some of the shine is being taken off their work and have labelled the case “tosh.”

facial reconstruction

A facial reconstruction of Richard III. His face seems to be melting slightly

It looks as if the University of Leicester has until the end of the month to put forward its preliminary case to the High Court over where Dickie should be buried.

The University is set to argue that the infamous ex-King should be buried in Leicester Cathedral in accordance with the exhumation license obtained from the Ministry of Justice before the dig.

Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral. Dick’s final resting place?

That license has been challenged by a group called the Plantagenet Alliance who are seeking a judicial review. The group want the bones to be placed in York Minster.

When asked about the judicial review, a representative of the Plantagenet Alliance said: “The ball is with them. They will have to make an initial decision about how they wish to respond.”

The Mayor of Leicester, Peter Soulsby, said he has “no doubt the High Court will treat this particular case as something that is plainly daft.”

The judicial review almost seems redundant as representatives from York Minster said they would be happy to see Richard buried in Leicester.

It is still possible to sign the e-petition to get Richard buried in Leicester if you feel strongly about the case.