Jump In to bed

Post on Leeds Uni Confessions suggests students using app for a different kind of ride

Randy students are using new taxi booking and sharing app JumpIn to secure no-strings-attached sex.

A post on Leeds Uni Confessions told the story of a girl who used the app to secure a lift after a night in Halo. But the fruity student got more than she bargained for when she ended up jumping into bed with her fellow passenger.

photo 1

There is every chance the incident looked something like this

JumpIn is a student-only app for booking and sharing taxis and meeting new people. It aims to save students money by introducing would-be passengers with the same destination to each other.


Founder, Sam Ryan said getting people laid was an an unexpected bonus for JumpIn.

He said: “We certainly didn’t think it would be used for anything like this! We’re providing a safe, cheap and sociable way for students to travel and if we do a bit of match-making a long the way, that’s just a bonus I guess.

“The response we’ve had in just a couple of weeks has been phenomenal. We’ve now got over 800 users and are turning over about 20 bookings a day. The more bookings that are made, the more share opportunities there are for students to save money.

“If the word continues to spread, we can all start saving money and who knows, stories like this may pop up again. Leeds is just the start of JumpIn, our plan is to be the only way students travel around cities in the UK in a couple of years.”