How to stand out and boost your career prospects by going abroad

Come back from your travels with more than just a tan

With the nights getting colder, it’s only understandable if you’re already dreaming of escaping uni and leaving it behind for a sunspot on the other side of the world.

What if we told you it’s possible to make that journey, leaving uni in the rear-view mirror, and actually enhance your career prospects at the same time?

British Council offer undergraduates a range of opportunities to go abroad for work experience and traineeships, all of which will be a big plus when it comes to convincing employers you’re a “well-rounded individual”.

What kind of opportunities I hear you ask? Well, here are some of our favourites.

Teach English in Thailand

Interested by the idea of helping to teach English in Thai schools?

This project gives you the chance to work as a language assistant alongside a Thai teacher for a couple of months over summer.

You could be based out of a school, vocational college, or adult education college, exploring Bangkok and the surrounding area in your spare time.

While everyone else returns from their summer travels with nothing to show for it but a tan and some souvenir trinkets, you’ll have an experience bound to impress any employer.

Find part-time work alongside your year abroad

Work abroad as part of your course for between two and 12 months on an Erasmus+ traineeship, gaining valuable international experience at one of 33 European countries.

Whereas the typical “study abroad” program sees you travel there solely for studying, Erasmus+ helps you develop your language skills by entering a work environment in your spare time.

Think the usual range of student jobs are boring? The completely new environment of working in a foreign country cold be the challenge you need. Plus, the chance to earn money can’t hurt.

Spend a year abroad on an industrial placement

If you’re doing a science, engineering, technology or applied arts degree, you could qualify for an IAESTE work placement, spending a year abroad on a paid industry internship.

Work in one of over 80 countries, alongside experienced employees in your dream future career, building your technical knowledge and understanding – all while developing your knowledge of another country.

There is a world full of research institutes, laboratories and consulting firms doing brilliant work out there, and this could be your chance to gain invaluable experience at one of them.

Teach English on one of four continents

If you’re in your second to final year of university, the English Language Assistants programme could be for you.

Spanning four continents, this programme places students in schools and universities around the world, helping people with their English language learning.

While there, you’ll receive a local salary for your work in the classroom, with plenty of time out of work for you to explore your temporary home.

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