The Tab UVA has arrived

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This is why Beta bridge went red

Welcome, fellow Wahoos, to The Tab UVA.

From today, this will be the place for great interviews,  the best student writing – and reliable college news.

As you may have seen, our team painted Beta Bridge this week to announce our launch.


Two of our team painting the bridge red – Katie Snyder & Caroline Coleburn

We’re starting off our time at UVA with two great, topical articles. One about how the post-Rolling Stone frat rules are keeping first years out of parties this semester.  The other about the story we broke on our Facebook page that has since gone national – hockey goalie Jake Anderson’s on-ice beer chugging.

Founded in the UK in 2009, The Tab is a news site that gives students a platform to report their own stories and show off their best writing.

Our UVA reporters and writers are experts on the events and goings-on on grounds, since they are students just like you. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased, well researched coverage (you can guess why that is important) . From breaking news to investigating what exactly the story is behind Wheelie Kid, we have you covered.

Like our Facebook page, invite your friends, and come to our site to keep up with the latest news and pictures from across UVA. If you want to read more about The Tab, have a look at this.

Tab Love and Wahoowa.

Do you want to write stories for thousands of readers?

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