Austin food trucks are shutting down after failing health inspections

More shut downs of food trucks are expected as temperatures rise in the summer

There are over a thousand food trucks around the city of Austin, TX. Recently, six health inspectors roamed the city to make sure that the numerous food trucks were safe for eating.

However, the Health and Human Services found that 15 to 20 percent of the food trucks are failing the inspections. Some of the acts that violate the health code include leaving perishable foods out for long periods of time, workers not properly washing their hands and food not being served at appropriate temperatures.

Within two weeks, 15 out of the 97 food trucks inspected were shut down, and will not reopen until they fix the problems violated on the report. The main concern for the food trucks is bacteria and viruses growing on the food and cooking stations.

For the public’s safety, make sure to look out for the orange health safety permit that should be visibly posted on every food truck.


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