USC is screwing up so much that they’re briefing students on how to handle the mess

Nine scandals and counting…

The internet has no time for the Daily Trojan’s scorching hot Harvey Weinstein take

But, ‘You Do Uterus’…

Osa Masina, former USC linebacker, pleads guilty to sexual battery

He now faces only 3 years in prison

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Weinstein for med school dean

Did you know you have TWO different USC email addresses?

You no longer have to settle for only half of your last name…

USC rejects Harvey Weinstein’s $5 million donation intended to support women directors

‘We don’t need this money. What we need is some damn principles’

Another USC med school resigns, this time after sexual harassment claim

The university lost confidence in his leadership

Ironically, Harvey Weinstein set up a foundation last year to support women directors at USC

Weinstein was just accused of decades of sexual harassment

Get your own damn game day look…Song Girl skirts are a USC thing

An ode to the ~USC~ Song Girl skirt

Professor who falsely reported active shooter situation identified as Amy Granados

She is undergoing a mental health examination

Professor sends USC into lockdown with false report of shots in Fertitta Hall

DPS advises students to stay clear of the area, but LAPD confirms there is no shooter

4 things we loved about the KAABOO music festival

Your official recap of the three-day music festival

You can now buy a Bugatti on Tapingo…and have it delivered to your dorm

Woke up in a new Bugatti

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365 days of pure victory

Inside look at Day N Night 2017 – the music festival for A-list rappers

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