BREAKING: Black Justice League demands Woodrow Wilson School be renamed

A list of demands was submitted to President Eisgruber before today's demonstration

For live video coverage of today’s events, click here.

In conjunction with this morning’s upcoming walkout demonstration, Princeton’s Black Justice League released a list of demands for the University’s administration on Facebook late last night.

The BJL announced yesterday via Facebook that it will be joining students across the country in a national walkout day “to confront and challenge institutional racism and systemic inequality.”


The walkout will take place in front of Nassau Hall at 11:30am today, and students are invited to participate wearing all black.

The open letter posted to the event’s Facebook page lists three demands of the University:

  1. “WE DEMAND the university administration publicly acknowledge the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson.” Specifically, the BJL asks the University to rename the Woodrow Wilson School, rename Wilson college, and remove the Wilson mural from Wilcox dining hall.
  2. “WE DEMAND cultural competency training for all staff and faculty.” The letter states that this request was previously voted down on free speech grounds, and requests classes on the history of marginalized peoples be added to the list of distribution requirements.
  3. “WE DEMAND a cultural space on campus dedicated specifically to Black students, and that space can be within the Carl A. Fields Center but should be clearly marked.” The BJL stipulates that the naming of the space be left to student discretion so as to avoid naming it after a “white benefactor or person with bigoted beliefs, as evidenced by the naming of Stanhope Hall.”
The BJL led a demonstration last year in wake of the Ferguson murder (photo credit: Elena Di Rosa)

The BJL led a demonstration last year in response to the shooting of Michael Brown (photo credit: Elena Di Rosa)

The letter concludes by stating Black students at Princeton are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” quoting Fannie Lou Hamer, and requests that President Eisgruber sign the document.

Students responded to the news immediately on social media. One Yik Yak read, “The demands don’t make any sense. They care more about the attention than getting anything accomplished.”

Another stated, “It’s ridiculous to change WWS’ name. We should understand that it is possible to honor a man’s contribution without subscribing to his principles.”

Be sure to check in with The Tab Princeton throughout the day for live coverage of today’s demonstrations. The BJL’s original letter is included below.


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