Princeton has not invested in private prisons and has no intention to invest in them, says Vice President Bob Durkee

The statement came after a CPUC meeting where the Princeton Private Prison Divest Coalition staged a walkout and teach-in as the University rejected its divestment proposal

‘Princeton had a Chernobyl-type nervous breakdown,’ says head of anti-racial affirmative action group after U. sues DoE over record release

Students for Fair Admissions plan to litigate on behalf of Department of Education, considers challenging Princeton admission practices in court once 1,600-page document becomes public

A look at what Trump’s proposed budget cuts could mean for Princeton

Financial aid won’t be affected, but it’s a different story for research

Board Committee makes recommendations for undergraduate dining

Breakfast on weekends, electronic system for Meal Exchange Program, 250 dining dollars for Block 95 buyers to come in fall of 2017

Here is what happened with Princeton dining hall workers last night

“The situation highlights how wonderful the dining staff is rather than this being a horrible situation that the University got them into,” says Princeton freshman whose mother is on dining hall staff

U-Store president fiercely defends pricing practices

He asserts that claims of overpricing involve a “lack of understanding” of retail models and that there’s no sophisticated product layout for higher margins

Church service corps traveled from Canada to help rebuild homes in New Jersey but were turned away at the border

They couldn’t pass because the work they were about to do had to be done by “US workers”

Princeton facing Title IX sexual assault suit

The former graduate student also alleges Princeton expelled him after he attempted suicide

Princeton is one of the top universities on the planet, according to new rankings


Large Swastika found near Lewis Library three days after Trump’s inauguration

There were no identified victims, witnesses or suspects

Princeton College Republicans take official stance against Trump’s travel ban

“We’ll make sure that we are true to our conservative and Republican values.”

Deer crashes into Forbes residential college, breaks glass window

No time frame yet for when windows will be repaired

Princeton Class of 2012 reunion committee bans Star Wars costumes

Concerns were raised about their inspiration from Storm troopers of the Nazi regime

Judge hands Princeton major loss in defamation case: Former Architecture dean’s claims can go forward

Is the university’s aggressive approach to litigation turning up short?

Updated: After disinvitation from Princeton E-Club, Martin Shkreli makes bold statements in Princeton meme Facebook group

“Pharma bro” trolled UC Berkeley students two weeks ago

At CPAC, Princeton College Republicans celebrate party victory, praise Trump’s policies

They explain why they support the wall, the travel ban, and oppose sanctuary cities

Interview with Kimberly Corban, rape survivor pushing for gun rights

‘Girls should absolutely have the choice to bear arms to protect themselves’

Here are some photos of Steve Bannon looking good and healthy at CPAC

He spoke with Reince Preibus about the Trump administration

Richard Spencer reportedly escorted out of CPAC, denounced by conservative leaders

“The alt-right ain’t right at all”

Princeton Citizen Scientists rally for teach-in with faculty and students

“To sit idly and allow divisive rhetoric and “alternative facts” become ever more pervasive simply cannot be an option.” – Princeton Citizen Scientists