Karen Pence brings controversy to Florida State with art therapy speech

Protestors and supporters alike gathered outside of WJB

We asked students what they would tell their professors during midterms

‘Have mercy on me’

‘Noles start 2-3…time to rally!

We’re still winners, and we know it

Bedbugs found on the first floor of Williams

They were found on the first floor

The astrological signs as buildings at Florida State

I hope I’m not Salley

Jimbo Fisher supports players’ right to kneel during the anthem

‘Each player has their own choice’

FSU ranked in the top 50 best public universities

We’ve moved up five spots since last year

Why we shouldn’t let FSU or Napleton Infiniti off the hook for the parking fiasco

Keep holding a grudge

Napleton Infiniti cars are STILL parked in FSU garages

When FSU says that Napleton cars were removed but they’re actually not…

A car dealership parked their whole inventory in FSU garages and people are livid

The university opened up free parking to the public so they could avoid Hurricane Irma – instead an Infiniti dealer moved in their stock

Party’s over: mandatory evacuation issued for Heritage Grove

The evacuation was issued just hours before Irma is scheduled to hit

BREAKING: FSU will be closed through next Friday

All of this is ahead of Hurricane Irma

Around 10 students protest statue to slave-owning Florida State founder Francis Eppes

Another protest was held today

Young women describe run-ins with FSU sexual battery suspect

This isn’t the first time he’s had a run in with the police

Irma is heading towards Florida with winds of 175 mph

Irma is about to rock us like a hurricane

‘Noles starting QB, Francois, out for the season

Florida State’s playoff hopes fall on Freshmen QB James Blackman’s shoulders

BREAKING: FSUPD has found and arrested a suspect in a sexual battery

He was apprehended last night