It’s official: Stuvi2 is one of the most luxurious dorms in America

If you can afford it

Gunman reported in Allston

A frat even went on lockdown

C-it-go or C-it-stay?

The Citgo sign will continue to stand after 52 years

No power in Hojo and parts of Bay State Road

Students are not having a good morning

PSA: BU is having a snow day tomorrow

Who’s ready for the one to two feet of expected snow?

BU raised its tuition again over spring break and people are pissed


BU ranked in top one percent of universities globally in over 35 subjects

That’s right BC

‘It’s just not acceptable’: BU florist’s Iranian owner speaks out against Trump’s Muslim ban

We will certainly need some flower power in these times

Screening of “Believer” episode with Reza Aslan

“It was interesting to get a perspective on things that are different from what I know and what I have been taught”

BU won’t give a snow day tomorrow and people are pissed

What the hell BU?

Abortion opponents and pro-abortion protesters rally at Boston Planned Parenthood

‘Abortion right to every state’ vs ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’

CAS has a new minor in Holocaust and Genocide studies

A chance to learn from the past to prevent mistakes in the future


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

The New England Patriot’s Parade was everything it should’ve been

If the weather wasn’t freezing and snowing, would it really be a New England event?

BU’s best reactions to the Pats’ Super Bowl win

From partying in the streets by Copley Square to watching it abroad on the other side of the world

Hundreds march for trans, queer and immigrant liberation

‘No pride for some without liberation for all!’

Warren Towers evacuated early this morning

‘Anyone who was forced to evacuate in flip flops wanna join a class action lawsuit with me? I deserve to be compensated for losing my toes’

Trump supporter’s presence sparks violence at the Rally Against Xenophobia at BU

Hundreds attended the rally, but the actions of a small number of attendees threatened the organizers’s message of compassion