Spotted on campus: Ryan Giggs!

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Veteran football star will study at Warwick as part of his coaching qualifications.

Man United winger and notorious love-rat Ryan Giggs will study at Warwick as part of his coaching qualifications.

The Welshman, famed for his cultured left foot and adventurous sex life, will study at the Business School as he works towards his Uefa Pro Licence.

Giggs… on his way to Warwick from Old Trafford

Giggs will be the first serving player to earn the elite qualification, needed by anyone who wants to manage a football club in the Premier League.

Long-serving manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes Giggs could be the man to replace him when he eventually announces his retirement.

As part of work towards his final coach licence, Giggs must produce a detailed case study of a business. His graduation from the course is expected in the next 12 months.

In 2011, Giggs took out a gagging order to stop press reports of his alleged affair with glamour model Imogen Thomas. Later, he was accused of having an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife.

Wednesday night circles will never be the same again.

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  • The Tab

    Looks like it is going to be pretty damn good!

  • BNOC

    BSOC – big shagger on campus

  • Neutral Observer

    Many Warwick gals r gonna get Lucky… :

  • Rob

    Er, it’s not actually confirmed that a) he’s going to be studying here, or b) that he will actually come here. Note the word ‘expected’. Also note that many of WBS’s courses are distance learning, so there’s a possibility that he might not actually come to campus. Do you really think that they’re gonna let one of the most famous footballers in England onto campus every day?

    “He is expected to secure the qualification within the next 12 months after a period at Warwick University’s Business School. ”

    • Goive

      What a killjoy. Scared he’s going to shag your wife or something?

  • Lars

    Love the stories! Great article! :)

  • Prince More Charming

    idk but I know she’s in Theta

    • She wanted wings

      Hahahahha no definitely not

      • Prince More Charming

        no no. she is 100% in theta.

        • X

          She’s literally the next president of pi phi

          • Prince More Charming

            Nah. you’re both wrong. She’s wearing the piphi tank super ironically. I would know.

  • Prince Charming

    Lol Prince more charming is a poser. And very misinformed.

    • Prince More Charming

      Are u calling me a liar??//? I will fihgt

      • Prince Charming

        Let’s take this outside

  • Minority Jones

    If Yale = white people (plus that one Asian guy), sign me up!

  • Jar jar binks

    I’d still smash tho

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