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When St Andrews does something, it does it wholeheartedly. Being bookish, sporty, trendy, tweedy, whatever it is, we do it with enthusiasm. At heart, however, we know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. With this in mind The Stand was established in 2011 to deliver news and entertainment directly to the students of St Andrews, with a sense of humour.

While we hope our articles put a smile on your face, we know that life isn’t always like a Judd Apatow film. We are also committed to quality journalism and instigating debate in our little community.

The Stand was established for students, by students… or something like that. We believe that we are the only truly independent university news service in St Andrews and we need your clicks, comments and your amazing writing in order to stay this way.

We think St Andrews is a bit ridiculous. We think we are a bit ridiculous. We love it, and we love you.


Adelaide, Brendan and Daniel

Founders of The Stand


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Editors In Chief: Annie Newman and Tobias Harris

Social Media and PR: Alice Lecointe

Photos: Lallie Doyle

News: Kelly Saiz 

Opinion: Janelle Lamb

Columnists: Sophie Anim

Features: Jessie Crabtree

Film & TV: Jessica Brennan

Events: Zara Thacker and Katie O’Donnell (deputy)

Music: Alex Mackay

Theatre: Joanna Bowman

Food: Katie Norton-Williams

Fashion: Immy Guest, Rowan Anderson (Women’s), and JL Gentilli (Men’s)

Sport: Hayden Taylor

StandTV: Sean McDonald and Katie Burds (deputy)

Copy editors: Emily Arbis and Ellie Midgley


Past Stand Editors

Dani Goldberg

Lauren Hepburn

Adelaide Waldrop

Brendan Macdonald

Daniel Goldblatt