To baldly go: Med student shaves head for cancer charity

For most students, having a haircut involves doing a Duchess of Cambridge and booking an appointment at Sophie Butler, or nipping into the barber’s shop on South St where they promise a dram of whisky with every trim. Not so for 2nd year Ruaridh Maxwell, who will shave his head for St Andrews-based cancer research charity AICR (THE Association for International Cancer Research) on Friday 20th April.

Ruaridh was first inspired to shave his shoulder-length blonde locks when he was cast as evil King Gama in the University of St Andrews Gilbert and Sullivan Society production of Princess Ida for the On The Rocks festival, and decided that this was an excellent possibility to do his bit for such an important charity. Says Ruaridh:

“As a student of the medical faculty, I am all too aware of the importance of research into all types of cancer, and the fact that AICR has its headquarters in St Andrews makes it extra special. My hair has always been something of a trademark, particularly within the G&S Society, and when I was cast in Princess Ida the two ideas seemed to come together nicely!”

The head-shaving will take place at 12pm in the main bar of the Union on Friday 20th April, where there will be numerous opportunities to donate to such a worthy cause. Those unable to attend can do so online and the end results can be seen at the G&S Society’s performances of Princess Ida at the Byre Theatre on Saturday 21st April, at 2:30pm and 7pm.

  • Lilmagicmanjws

    This article is a load of shit. I’ve seen similar articles to this. People just want to bad mouth areas for clicks. Croydon is a town that’s suffering but so is the majority of other towns in the rest of the bloody country. There are more poor people than there are rich, what do you expect? Croydon and its people are an example of a socio-economic crisis. The fact is there are people who are making movements, doing good and bettering the community. By spouting shit and negativity, you are not helping. Shit article. Shit site. Shit author. Croydon is by no means “the worst hometown in the uk”.

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