To baldly go: Med student shaves head for cancer charity

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For most students, having a haircut involves doing a Duchess of Cambridge and booking an appointment at Sophie Butler, or nipping into the barber’s shop on South St where they promise a dram of whisky with every trim. Not so for 2nd year Ruaridh Maxwell, who will shave his head for St Andrews-based cancer research charity AICR (THE Association for International Cancer Research) on Friday 20th April.

Ruaridh was first inspired to shave his shoulder-length blonde locks when he was cast as evil King Gama in the University of St Andrews Gilbert and Sullivan Society production of Princess Ida for the On The Rocks festival, and decided that this was an excellent possibility to do his bit for such an important charity. Says Ruaridh:

“As a student of the medical faculty, I am all too aware of the importance of research into all types of cancer, and the fact that AICR has its headquarters in St Andrews makes it extra special. My hair has always been something of a trademark, particularly within the G&S Society, and when I was cast in Princess Ida the two ideas seemed to come together nicely!”

The head-shaving will take place at 12pm in the main bar of the Union on Friday 20th April, where there will be numerous opportunities to donate to such a worthy cause. Those unable to attend can do so online and the end results can be seen at the G&S Society’s performances of Princess Ida at the Byre Theatre on Saturday 21st April, at 2:30pm and 7pm.

  • CR4lyfe

    it may be a bit shit sometimes but fuck u its our hometown

  • Lilmagicmanjws

    This article is a load of shit. I’ve seen similar articles to this. People just want to bad mouth areas for clicks. Croydon is a town that’s suffering but so is the majority of other towns in the rest of the bloody country. There are more poor people than there are rich, what do you expect? Croydon and its people are an example of a socio-economic crisis. The fact is there are people who are making movements, doing good and bettering the community. By spouting shit and negativity, you are not helping. Shit article. Shit site. Shit author. Croydon is by no means “the worst hometown in the uk”.

    • LL, Shirley

      Well said that man. Snobbery alive and well I see.

  • Kit

    boring article. if you’re from croydon you should actually know that it’s more than just stereotypes.

    • barry

      yo kit! happy bday son and big up croydon

  • Kate

    You don’t really know Croydon at all if you think Ikea is in Purley. It’s in Purley WAY, which is technically West Croydon… Lols

  • Cronx

    I am from Croydon and can qualify it as a shithole. But it’s my shithole.

    • Sammeh

      My feelings exactly.

  • yo

    transport is actually sick. 24 hour trains home from victoria? fuck yea

  • english frank

    Mans never been on the N68, Mans never went Black Sheep, Mans can fuck off!

    • Greg


  • Burandon Jasmin

    I Love Croydon, but I hate the deluded religious shouting all the time

  • Rude Boy Rupert

    Agreed. Croydon is a shithole and most of the locals speak either Swahili, Polish or Rude boy chat but hey it’s my shithole ya pompous lil turd. I mean – where else could you take a dump on the pavement and get away with it?

    • Afro Lang

      Yes Rupert I totally agree with you. I often have a good old turnout onto the pavement from the side of my van after a dirty kebab at lunchtime and no one says a word about it, they just walk over it and smile.

    • Abdul “Rolex” Reynolds

      Isn’t shatting on the pavement normal in any town? I couldn’t live without shit being on the pavements of Croydon, I often pick the peanuts out of the turds I find…..

    • PC Piglet

      I am a community support police officer and part of my day involves walking around the town of Croydon doing nothing at the tax payers expense. I can honestly say that I haven’t ever seen or trud in one piece of poo whilst on the beat. However I have noticed that Croydon has a brilliant selection of fast food joints and donut shops. I love Croydon!!!!

      • CR0

        I think that having a turd on the pavement is a great way to mark your territory without resorting to violence. I find this highly commendable and think you should be recommended for pride of Croydon awards. It’s obvious you’re a pillar of the Croydon community.

  • Someguy1983

    While i agree the article is playing on negative stereotypes, some of the negative responses dont help. Croydon does have faults, we can’t overlook that; having grown up in new addington I can recognise that it has gone from a quiet village to a hub for disenfranchised people who rely on its walls for safety. Its the people that make the place, and often we turn our heads when we see wrong because we live in a fear/survival culture, where swearing and violence seem to be tolerated rather than opposed. But we are also a community; what about when people thought the riots were spreading into Addington? Almost everyone who couls stood united, ready to send the rioters packing.

    Nowhere is perfect, and yes, Croydon has problems. But it also has heart, and therefore hope.

  • stephengreen

    Croydon is an over-congested, over-populated nightmare, which has increased its social problems by being host to the Home Office Nationality Office, right in the centre. Refugees, economic immigrants, bearers of fake marriage certificates and various other ne’er-do-wells flock to it to get their ILO slip and take up its limited rental (council, housing association or crummy private property) stock and then menace the general populace. But like any big town that wants to be a city, it does have its conveniences, due to size: transport links, shopping etc. It still retains a whiff of its heydays (such as they were) on the borders, with family homes in places like Sanderstead, but the rot is working its way out as larger family houses are bought and turned into bedsits for rent or broken up into overpriced starter flats for those trying to get on the property ladder. Avoid the centre at weekend nights unless under 18 and desperate. If the new Soviets under Putin want to drop a bomb to be noticed, you could do worse than aim at Croydon, preferably West Croydon/Thornton Heath end.

  • Tatty

    I can’t quite make this out. Am I right in assuming from the comments below that the imbecile that wrote this is a journalist, that can’t be right, it is one of the most appalling pieces I have read. If this is her best then maybe she should have also put down the schools as well. Plus she is talking absolute rubbish, seems to me her life hasn’t been terribly happy. Yes central Croydon can be rough but there are also a lot of lovely areas.

  • ohsouthlondon

    This article annoyed me, but only a little because I’m sure that the author is a low rent, low intelligence ‘shock jock’ style wannabe journo who will go nowhere in his sure to be sub par career. Anyone who has visited Croydon will know that it is like many areas in that it has good and bad places, residents etc. To assert otherwise is to display the type of ignorance that will probably land the author a low level job at another shit-rag with its name emblazoned upon a red banner. Either way, I have made a mental note to avoid this site in the future.

  • gaz

    Tbf, I’ve lived in Croydon for 35 years I grew up by mayday hospital..apparently the ghetto. Never had any bother . Sure you hear stories the riots didn’t help but by on large there isolated incidents. The individual who wrote this article obviously has an agenda and a lack of insight and as a result there referencing the said isolated incidents.Probably not there fault as they’ve led a sheltered life.I now live east Croydon way ,about 5 mins from the stn , its neither a sprawling metropolis or a country retreat but its v nice and pleasant with nice neighbours to boot.The articles author actually doesn’t realise how good she’s got it, now a real ghetto would be west Norwood where I’ve worked for 16 years, they had to close the Abbey national down there..because it was the most robbed bank in the country.That being said I know some very nice and genuine people who live there so it cant be all bad. Basically you need to stop judging an area from the minority of people who live there. Again to the writer of the article these are basics..but then this probably explains why your writing for the tab : does it not. Your giving people in our profession a bad name cease and desist. If you cant report properly don’t do it at all.

  • dazza

    1. Public transport is operated by TFL. It has nothing to do with Croydon. n2. The “man” who lost a finger was 16. 16 year olds brag about losing fingers and not going to hospital. n3. This is awful journalism.n4. You are not funny. n5. Don’t come back

  • agreeved reader

    It’s just goes to show how ironic people are… already stated that you are from croydon! why would you slag your own home town off? As for the “tar every one with the same brush” opinion just shows how ignorant you are to the town and it’s current progression plan! Yes it has its problems but find me somewhere that doesn’t!! Think before you speak! Or at least be open and properly informed!

  • SarahGeorgeKnowsNothing

    Your article is piss poor and you should give up your attempted career as a journalist before it begins.

  • For once

    Tab wins. Croydon is shit.

  • Keir Waller

    Terrible article. Badly written and based on very poor facts. Croydon has a huge highstreet with at least three shopping centres and will be getting a Westfield soon! nTransport in croydon is great, train to London take 12 mins and the trams are super quick! Tiger isn’t amazing but Bad Apple is good as are a few others. Using the example of someone who lost a ponytail and another was stabbed nearly ten years ago is stretch for facts and really quite shoddy research. nnAlso there is no such thing as a ghetto in the UK. Anyone who’s actually been to one could tell you that. It’s hardly the slums of Rio or Soweto.nYou can’t say that a few completely isolated family murders which could happen anywhere in the country makes a places a shithole. Also the majority of the rioters weren’t actually from Croydon which was proven in the police reports.nnThis is just a sensationalist piece trying to get a reaction and it worked, but at least use proof and examples other than saying “croydon is shit because it is and oh, the trams are slow” nnP.S IKEA is in Purley way, not Purley which is technically Croydon.nPoor journalism here.

  • James

    one word: Derby

  • Rob

    South Norwood and West Norwood are “literal ghettos”? I suggest the writer takes some English lessons to learn the meaning of the word “literal”. As for being a ghettoSs, it’s true they are multi racial, but I wouldn’t describe them as ghettos, yet then again, I’m now racist. A geography lesson would be in order too as Ikea isn’t in Purley, it’s on a road called Purley Way, about 3 miles from Purley.

  • Rob

    Bloody auto correct. My last comment should read I’m NOT racist

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