Our Necks Are On the Line

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The neck, often the most underdressed part of the body, is an area which men tend to neglect when it comes to accessories. This season dress up your necks. Whether you’re sheltering from the harsh spring winds, looking for something a bit different to rock with your tuxedo ensemble or seeking to add some formality to your student wardrobe, here’s a selection of the finest in men’s accessories to get you thinking.


First up is this unique number from Jack Jones, this is loud and proud but will also contrast very nicely to the often dull tones of black tie occasions. What’s more is that with a similar style to the now largely defunct KK ties, it’s the perfect tie for the new fellowship to adopt. Let them prove their true egalitarian agenda with a neck – tie for the masses. Available from ASOS for £13

For a quirky injection of this season’s must have print, try wearing this offering from Topman. The Aztec print is going to continue to be massive this Spring, but don’t just leave it for your casual wear. Bring it to the ball with this unique bow-tie, classic with a twist.  Available from Topman for £6

I personally love this next tie from Fred Perry and have been wearing it for a few seasons. It’s a great modern take on tartan and if you’re at university in Scotland why not? Kilts and Troos may be a step too far for some reluctant folk but this bow tie brings in a nice homage to Scotland, a nation who’s influence on fashion is too often ignored.

Next up is this classic design from Ralph Lauren, hand crafted in Italy. You really can’t go wrong with this classic preppy design and it will go flawlessly with suits or you can adapt it for a smart casual look. –£70 from Ralph Lauren



Another show of my love for tartan, this contrasts a nice oxford shirt fantastically and is a classic look that surprisingly fits nicely into a smart casual look, suitable for any time of the day or night. –Available from Urban Outfitters US for $29

The St Andrews Uniform, love it or hate it you can’t deny it’s existence or it’s prominence around town. If you’ve got the coat and the wellies, why not go a step further with this unique, humorous tie from Barbour –£35

The knitted tie, a great alternative to traditional wear, which continues to be very much in Vogue. For something a little different, try this from Simon Sparr –$165



Inject some colour into your spring wardrobe with this Mexican inspired scarf from Ralph Lauren. These colours, more often reserved to ponchos than scarves, tie in perfectly with a classic pea coat, making a bold statement of colour not often seen within men’s winter clothing. –Available from ASOS for £70

Now for something completely different, now I realize that this is not a style for every guy at St Andrews, but this Bandana scarf from Obey makes for an edgy unique look, the perfect accessory for a student protest? Hide your face and look good at the same time. –Available from Urban Outfitters US for $14

The snood. Few items of clothing have caused so much debate in recent times. Whatever your opinion on it, check out this piece from American Apparel, versatile, bright and practical, this look is not for all but should not be overlooked.


Feature photo © American Apparel (all other photos taken from corresponding links)

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