Review: LOpSoc's Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd – Stephen Sondheim’s musical based on the demon barber of Fleet Street, was performed brilliantly by LOpSoc last week!

sweeney todd lopsoc

The band and the ensemble sounded amazing, much credit to Thomas Joy – the Musical Director.  Sondheim is not easy, therefore the hours of work put into getting it right was clear.

The cast and band

The cast and band

Even though I was very impressed by the ensemble, I was somewhat confused by their attire – being dressed in surgery outfits didn’t really work when the principals’ costumes were very well thought out.

Jon North as Sweeney himself gave a solid performance however, he was somewhat overshadowed by the brilliant Cerys Beesley as Mrs Lovett. Cerys really made the part her own, taking an extremely fresh approach to the role, bravo. Josh Cox (Beadle Bamford), Tab Kimpton (Judge Turpin) and Joseph Hand (Toby) all gave strong performances. Jeremy Hunt and Vikie Miller’s (Anthony and Johanna) chemistry on stage really was very engaging; they are both very strong actors. However, I was completely blown away by Rhiannon Creffield as the Beggar Woman. She gave the stand out performance from a very strong bunch.

Credit must also be paid to StageSoc who created a perfect set for the show. The lighting and special effects were extremely professional – a great final show for them to finish on for this academic year. What a great year for LOpSoc!

The cast in a previous performance of Pirates of Penzance

The cast in a previous performance of Pirates of Penzance

Check out our WHATSOC on LOpSoc here.

  • Mike

    This is the first I’ve heard of it. It could have been advertised better.

    • Emma

      We always do our best to advertise as much as we can, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work! What would you say would be the best way to catch your attention around campus? We did have some posters about, but maybe not in the best areas.

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