Grad Ball First Acts REVEALED

SUSU have revealed the first acts for Graduation Ball 2014, through the new priority sign-up system.

LAWSON and GORGON CITY will perform at the event in Oceana on Monday 9th June 2014.

Lawson are known for their top 10 singles Taking Over Me, Standing In The Dark and most recently Juliet.

The less well-known duo Gorgon City sang Ready For Your Love featuring MNEK. These acts will be performing in the Ice House room.

The event, which will have a ‘Hollywood’ theme, will also feature the Mariachis, who performed at the Freshers’ Stateside Ball earlier this month. The priority website states that SUSU are in talks with three other ‘very exciting’ acts for the event, which now costs £39 instead of £49.

Tickets will go on sale to priority customers on 3rd March 2014, and general sale opens on 6th March.

What do you think of these acts? Are you going to Grad Ball? Let us know in the comments!

  • K

    I’d say Lawson are probably less well known than Gorgon City..?

    But YES Gorgon City!

  • Innocent Bystander

    Let’s just hope that the ‘acts’ aren’t actually just shitty iPod DJing slots instead – SUSU transparency; can anyone confirm or deny this?

  • P


  • Rookie Tab

    Gorgon City dont ‘sing’ anything.. they are music producers. Silly woman.

  • Anne Onymous


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