Name Change For Provenance

After opening less than a year ago, Provenance plans to change its name to Myth.


Bosses of the nightclub have applied to Southampton City Council to amend the premises’ license to change the name of the club and to refurb the inside.

These minor licensing changes will not affect existing licensing activities, according to notices outside the club.

provenance license

License variation proposal notice outside Provenance

provenance refurbishment

New management: Posters outside the club

What do you think of the new name ‘Myth’? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mush

    Myth? They should just call it meth instead, cos that’s what all the punters do.

  • Spiral

    I don’t care what it’s called, as long as the sign isn’t so fucking ugly and cheap this time.

  • Name

    Bit mythed

  • Student

    Well that didn’t last long, feels like only a couple of months ago that it was Squares…

  • Hermes

    Apparently they will have a specific night just for Southampton University only as well! Can’t wait.

    • Tom Carr

      ridiculous idea…it will be a night out with only guys, trust me I know about promotions!

  • Cynics Mate

    hahahah its the same management I’ve heard!

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