Example HITS BACK on Twitter after Grad Ball flop

After Example’s no-show at Grad Ball due to illness, it’s not surprising that some students took to social media to express their disappointment. But what might not have been expected was Example’s bombardment of rude tweets in response.

Firstly, he apologised to students at the University in a rather calm and collected tweet

But this soon turned nasty.

Example has in fact since deleted many of the abusive tweets, for example those in which he told students to f**k off, but the problem with social media is that posts can be saved, even if they’ve then been deleted.

A delightful response by example to one student, Dan Flynn. Credit to Dan for this screenshot.

A delightful response by example to one student, Dan Flynn. Credit to Dan for this screenshot.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.36.05

What a nice guy!

Sam Ling, Union President, made a statement about the possibility of a refund or some sort of compensation, as students paid £49, only for the headline act to pull a sickie.

It’s not exactly professional behaviour from an A-List celebrity is it? What do you make of Example’s twitter backlash? Did Example tweet you? Let us know below.

  • Student

    What a prick. Glad he didn’t show.

  • Elliot

    Well Dan Flynn was asking for it his tweet isn’t exactly nice is it?

    • Grace Cameron

      I added the quote as it highlighted how unprofessional Example’s responses were when he simply could have brushed it off. Instead, he insulted a whole host of people.

      • Graham

        You sound as defensive as a sabb

        • Andrew Ovenden

          In fairness, I tweeted after Dan saying
          “Glad to see @example is handling this so professionally. You must give your PR guys migraines! Think of the little people…”
          He responded: “look mate, everyone has sick days, you cunts miss lectures. I dont tweet you all abuse when you do. Do one”

          I hardly think I warrant being called a cunt…

  • Disgruntled Jerk

    Seriously, if people are sending nasty tweets to anyone they should be prepared to get a nasty tweet back. Why should Example have to be nice and polite to every single person, no matter how rude they are to him?

    • anon

      yes but he fired his tweets at every single student at Southampton university, not just those ‘few nasty individuals’.

    • No One

      He’s always going to get someone sending a shitty tweet to try and get a reaction, it was his fault for biting.

      Anyone who is any sort of famous needs to have thicker skin than that, you don’t have to be polite but you could just, you know, ignore the tweet rather than sink to their level.

      • no one else

        example is a bit notorious for being controversial and insulting other artists so what’s gonna stop him insulting people giving him shit?

  • anon

    he can go fuck himself. mcat? we’re not in leeds ‘mateeee’

  • Nigel Thornberry

    Could’ve turned up, explained and apologised, taken some photos, collected a fee. Out to the other acts for being flexible with their set times and filling in

  • anon

    I literally cant wait for that douche to be bankrupt already, hes having some sort of ego attack based on realisation of how shit hes become..

    • anon

      literally setting the worst ‘example’

  • nah bruv

    If you included many of his other tweets you would have seen that he was actually being alright to most

    Also I thought he was hilarious

  • Joe Cooper

    I find it hilarious that people are complaining about how thin skinned Example is and at the same time are throwing their toys out of their pram because he made a joke about students eating shit food and doing drugs. A lot of students eat shit food. A lot of students do drugs. It’s a joke. Do you see?

  • Crying

    He said he “was a student once”. I told him film directing didn’t count and he deleted my tweet. Im major butthurt. I think I might just have to end it all.

    • Student

      He deleted your tweet? I’m not sure you understand how twitter works…

  • yeah bruv

    Dan got told

    • dan

      lol ikr

  • johnny twoblades

    dan flynn was asking for it, i’ve met him IRL and he’s a double/triple chinned idiot anyway, Example went easy on him

  • AntonioGramsci

    What a nice bloke.

  • Lacey

    I’m confused. Isn’t mcat that medical admissions test?!

    • Name

      You’re definitely thinking of UKCAT…

  • bad example

    his pr people have obviously told him to delete it all


  • Rad

    Example is an A-list celebrity?

    • anon

      he reminds me the guy from the extras who calls the tabloids to try and start a rumour about himself to raise his popularity. he tweeted ‘Im eating at the same place as Ashton kutcher’ to try and make himself feel better and seem important. in reality, if he was an ‘a list-er’ he’d cameo on 2 and a half men and we’d know he’s important. instead he’s having an ego induced tantrum upon realisation he’s on the b-list at best, instead of just making better music (like he ‘used to’ … *hipster alert*).

  • Awesome_Stevie

    Example sounds alright to me, i can’t imagine he enjoyed having to hang around in Southampton all for nothing like he did and regardless of professionalism his responses from what i’v seen are pretty funny.

    • anon

      I cant believe he fell ill at 11PM, its like calling in to work sick after your shift has started already.

  • misterrii

    Haha I like that he did that. I don’t listen to that kind of music but it shows that he’s a normal dude who won’t take shit from people insulting him for something that was potentially outside of his control.

  • assassin
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