Vodafone down in Southampton for THREE Days

Students returning to Southampton from their Easter holidays have been met with little to no signal on the Vodafone network over the last few days. Problems began on the evening […]

Students returning to Southampton from their Easter holidays have been met with little to no signal on the Vodafone network over the last few days.

no phone signal

A common sight in Southampton this week

Problems began on the evening of Tuesday 9th with customers raising 3G problems with the Vodafone on their Network Forums, and as numbers of customers affected rose, Vodafone were very slow to acknowledge a fault, apologise, or even provide an update on when network coverage would return, until Wednesday evening.

As Vodafone began to work out  – very slowly – what the fault was, explanations changed from person to person. Whilst some customers were advised that it was individual SIMs at fault, others were told that Vodafone was carrying out 4G tests across the Southampton area and something had triggered the mobile network coverage to vanish.

One disgruntled customer told The Tab:

What was most bizarre was the act of walking from Hartley – no coverage at all – to the Bridge. My signal suddenly came back with 1 bar and all of my apps began to push messages back to my phone, but then the signal went as quickly as it came and the Bridge is another deadzone.

Vodafone customers are urged to flag problems with the provider and you can get in touch with representatives either online, via Twitter or by calling 08700 700191. Several customers affected by the coverage black-spots have been promised a partial reduction in the next bill, and others will be refunded in line rental fees for the days without network coverage, so the sooner you get in touch with Vodafone, the better.

Have you been affected by the Vodafone coverage black spots? Where were you at the time? If you have been affected, go here to flag your problem with Vodafone and let us know in the comments.

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  • Giles Westbrook

    The biggest problem has not been their lack of network service, but their complete and utter lack of customer service. As the @VodafoneUK team were keen to point out, mobile technology does mean that local outages happen, but this is no excuse for the fact that getting an apology was like getting blood out of a stone, nor for the fact that it took 24h for them to realise that they needed to do something more about it than tell their customers to try their SIMs in a different phone.

  • Vodafone’s best customer

    I’ve heard there was a problem with one of the mobile masts covering the SO17 postcode area. (However I thought the empty funny shaped building next to the lancaster building had mobile dishes on the roof and thats why they cant knock it down…) If you move out of the SO17 area you’ll get signal. Dont bother calling them as you’ll have to wait for ages to talk to someone and you talking to them isn’t going to fix their satellite dish.

  • Jack

    Spoke to them online, got £5 out of them for about 15 minutes chat. The guy I spoke to was pretty polite and apologetic. Still wants me to mess around with my Sim anyway!

  • Porta

    On the whole I just find that using mobiles is more trouble than it’s worth. Remember how effortless walkie talkies were?

  • c


    “Vodaphone report that the signal cannot be restored yet, as they have a Peregrine Falcon nesting on the site.”

  • ben

    it’s a peregrin falcon. can’t move it as it’s protected. chill winstan.

  • Carole Dudman

    I am having the same problem now in Greenwich London. I totally agree with the comments regarding Vodafone, (I am a Talk Mobile Customer but they use Vodafone network) what a complete shambles, no help whatsoever. My local Carphone Warehouse said they are probably testing 4G in my area but cannot find out anything at all. I have now contacted Talk Mobile to state if THEY don’t sort it out I will be ending my contract as they are not providing me with a ‘service’

    • R Taylor

      No improvement in Greenwich. I’m a business customer having major problems for almost a month now, can’t receive any incoming calls, no mobile service at all on Ipad, outgoing calls continually drop. I’m advised that there are 2 Vodfone sites down in Greenwich right now, and they don’t have an eta on when they’re going to be fixed. Don’t know what sort of business they’re meant to be running. Things do of course go wrong sometimes but two sites down for over a month, with no firm date as to when they will be restored, and business customers with no connectivity in that area for all that time with no advice of when it will be fixed? I’m speechless.